Please note: The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio will now be called "UT Health San Antonio."

High School Student and K-12 Teacher Programs

Biomedical Excellence and Academic Training (BEAT) Academy

The Biomedical Excellence and Academic Training (BEAT) Academy at the UT Health Science Center San Antonio exposes high school students to a unique opportunity to medical and biomedical research. It provides them with guidelines for a successful future in a health career of their choice. 

The curriculum is based on an interaction between the medical and biomedical faculty at UTHSCSA through seminars and hands-on activities in these fields. Subjects will include ongoing biomedical research occurring at the UTHSCSA such as anatomy, physiology, medicine, molecular biology, aging, neurodegeneration and more. 

The academy will provide students with a behind-the-scenes view of the science and health professions- including visits to the human anatomy lab, interactions with real and state-of-the-art simulated patients for medical training, a glimpse of the latest advances in biomolecular technology, student-based biomolecular experiments and more. In addition, students will enjoy a college prep session to gleam more information on the career of their choice and ways to achieve this goal.

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Contact: Remberto Arambula -,  210-567-3587 for more information.

Voelcker Biomedical Research Academy

The Max and Minnie Voelcker Biomedical Research Academy provides an immersive biomedical research education and college preparatory program for San Antonio high school students. 

The Voelcker Biomedical Research Academy matches high school freshman students from the San Antonio and surrounding school districts with outstanding biomedical scientists from the UT Health Science Center at San Antonio. This three year intensive academy promotes excellence in scholarship and biomedical research. 

During the first year, students participate in an immersive hands-on seven-week summer research program, in addition to a number of special research oriented activities throughout the academic year. 

In the second and third year, students participate in an 8-10 week, faculty-mentored research experience. Students will be supported through stipends during the summers of the program and parental involvement is also required.

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Contact: Irene Chapa, Ph.D. -, 210-567-3941

Student Internship Program

The Student Internship Program is a year-round program for high school, college, premed, or pre-Ph.D. students. It is designed to provide an intensive, hands-on, discovery-rich, creative, and interdisciplinary research experience. 

This is a unique experience in learning and interdisciplinary research, with senior investigators serving as mentors and role models. 

Trainees will have opportunities to work in one of three broad areas: immunology, molecular pathogenesis, or genetics/clinical epidemiology. Current areas of investigation are HIV/AIDS, atherosclerosis, bone disease, neurobiology, lupus, and alcoholism. 

For inquiries contact Dr. Sunil Ahuja, along with an updated resume/CV including GPA, a personal statement, and a note about long-term goals via email.

Contact:  Sunil Ahuja, M.D. -

Northside ISD Summer Research Mentorship Program

This class is only open to students in the San Antonio Northside ISD students who have completed Pre-AP Chemistry, have at least one year of high school remaining, and are willing to commit to an eight-hour-a-day research assignment for eight weeks in June and July. Teacher recommendations and a student essay are required for the application. Applications are accepted during the spring term for placement in the summer program. 

Selected students will be assigned a mentor from the faculty at UTHSCSA. The students will meet once a week as a class to discuss the research process and are expected to keep a lab journal, write research abstracts, and present their research to the class at the end of the summer. Students will present their research both orally and written to their home school during the ensuing school year. Upon successful completion of this course, students will receive an elective honors science research credit. No stipend is provided.

Contact: Ms. Sunni Dickerson -

Teacher Enrichment Initiatives (TEI)

Teacher inservices and workshops are presented each summer by the TEI program. Occasionally, workshops are also offered during the school year. Workshops are designed to motivate teachers to infuse health/aging issues into the regular school curriculum and to promote scientific literacy as a powerful tool in making life-determining decisions. 

Click here for more information. This website contains nearly 400 FREE downloadable health science lessons with cross-disciplinary components, games, teacher resources, student masters, and more.

Contact:  Rose Riggs, Educational Development Specialist -, 210-567-2747

Science Expo

This annual event is held the first Saturday in November and offers high school and collegiate students the opportunity to explore through hands on demonstrations, opportunities in the health professions programs offered at the Health Science Center.

Pre-registration is required. Limited number of students will be allowed to attend, so early registration is essential.

Registration deadline is Oct. 15. Email Irene Chapa, Ph.D. -