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Z. Dave Sharp, Ph.D.

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Dr. Z. Dave Sharp's lab explores novel strategies to prevent diseases while mitigating morbidities associated with aging, thereby reducing suffering and looming economic burden. 

They study how chronic mTOR inhibition prevents, delays, and/or reduces the severity of cancer while mitigating other negative effects of aging. 

Their experiments show this is possible with a novel enteric formulation of rapamycin, eRapa. Their current research goals aim to understand the mechanism of action of eRapa in the prevention of colon cancer using mouse models combined with genetic, epigenetic and protein synthesis profiling technologies.

Selected Publications

Christy B, Demaria, M, Campisi, J, Huang, J, Jones, D, Dodds, SG, Williams, C, Hubbard, G, Livi, CB, Gao, X, Weintraub, S. Curiel, T, Sharp, ZD, Hasty, P. (2015) p53 and rapamycin are additive. Oncotarget. 6(18), 15802-15813 PMID: 26158292 (Note: This was published as a Priority Paper)

Dodds SG., Livi, CB, Parihar, M, Hsu, H-K, Benevides, AD, Morris, J, Javors, M, Strong, R, Christy, B, Sharp, ZD. (2016) Adaptations to chronic rapamycin in mice. Pathobiology of Aging and Age Related Diseases 6:31688 10.3402/pba.v6.31688 PMID: 27237224

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Molecular Medicine


Ph.D., Cell Biology and Human Anatomy, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, 1981

B.S., Biology, University of Arkansas, 1975

B.S., Accounting, University of Arkansas, 1968


Phone: 210-567-7226

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