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Yusheng Feng, Ph.D.

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Dr. Yusheng Feng is an engineering professor at The University of Texas at San Antonio. 

Selected Publications

“A Statistical Thermodynamics Based Cell Damage Models and its Validation in vitro” Y.Feng, , J. T. Oden and M.N. Rylander, J. Biomech Eng.., (in review).

“Nanoshell-Mediated Laser Surgery Simulation for Prostate Cancer Treatment,” Special Issue of Computational Bioengineering, Engineering with Computers, Y. Feng, D. Fuentes, A. Hawkins, M.N. Rylander, A. Elliott, J. Stafford, J.T. Oden (accepted for publication).

“Heat Shock Protein Expression and Damage Optimization for Laser Therapy Design,” M. N. Rylander, Y. Feng, J. Bass, and K. Diller, Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, (accepted for publication).

“Dynamic Data-Driven Finite Element Models for Laser Treatment of Cancer,” J. T. Oden, K. R. Diller, C. Bajaj, J. C. Browne, J. Hazle, I. Babuska, J. Bass, L. Demkowicz, A. Elliott, Y. Feng, D. Fuentes, S. Prudhomme, M. N. Rylander, R. J. Stafford, and Y. Zhang, J Num Meth PDE, (in press).

“Optimizing HSP Expression in Prostate Cancer Laser Therapy Through Predictive Computational Models,” M. N. Rylander, Y. Feng, J. Zhang, J. Bass, R. J. Stafford, J. Hazle and K. R. Diller, Journal of Biomedical Optics, 11:4, 0411131-16, 2006.

“Thermally Induced Injury and Heat-Shock Protein Expression in Cells and Tissues,” M. N. Rylander, Y. Feng, J. Bass, and K. R. Diller, Annals of New York Academy of Science, 1066:222-242, 2005.

“Theory and methodology for estimation and control of error due to modeling, approximation and uncertainty,” J.T. Oden, I. Babuska, F. Nobile, Y. Feng and R. Tempone, Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg, Vol.194, pp193-204, 2005.

“Optimal Design of Laser Surgery for Cancer Treatment Through Nanoparticle-Mediated Hyperthermia Therapy,” Y. Feng, M.N. Rylander, J. Bass, J.T. Oden, and K. R. Diller, NSTI-Nanotech, Vol.1, pp39-42, 2005.

"A Computational Infrastructure For Reliable Computer Simulations," J.T. Oden, J.C. Browne, I. Babuska, Y. Feng, K.M. Liechti, L. Demkowicz, J. Bass, F. Nobile, and R. Tempone, in Dynamic Data Driven Applications Systems, F. Darema (Ed.), Kluwer Academic Publishers, Netherlands, 2004.

“Local and Pollution Error Estimation for Stokesian Flows,” J.T. Oden, Y. Feng, and S. Prudhomme, Int’l J. for Numerical Methods in Fluids, vol. 27, pp. 33-39, 1998.

“Parallel Domain Decomposition Solver for Adaptive hp Finite Element Methods,” J.T. Oden, A. Patra, and Y. Feng, SIAM J. on Numerical Analysis, vol. 34, no. 5, pp. 1-29, Dec. 1997.

“Local and Pollution Error Estimation for Finite Element Approximations of Elliptic Boundary Value Problems,” J.T. Oden and Y. Feng, J. Computational and Applied Mathematics, vol. 74, pp. 245-293, Nov. 1996.

“Parallel Adaptive hp Finite Element Methods for Fluid and Solid Mechanics,” J.T. Oden, A. Patra and Y. Feng, in Recent Developments in Finite Element Analysis, A Book Dedicated to Robert L. Taylor, Edited by T.J.R. Hughes, E. Onate, and O.C. Zienkiewicz, CIMNE, Barcelona, Spain, pp. 29-36, 1994.

“Domain Decomposition for Adaptive Finite Element Methods,” J.T. Oden, A. Patra and Y. Feng, Contemporary Mathematics, vol. 180, pp. 295-301, 1994.

“An hp Adaptive Strategy,” J.T. Oden, A. Patra and Y. Feng, in ASME Publication, Adaptive Multilevel and Hierarchical Computational Strategies, Edited by A.K. Noor, AMD vol. 157, pp. 23-46, 1993.

“Estimation of Elastic Coefficients for Multiple Beam Structure,” L.W. White and Y. Feng, J. Optimization Theory and Applications, vol. 79, no. 3, pp. 611-640, 1993.

“Application of the Quadrature Method to Flexural Vibration Analysis of a Geometrical Non-linear Beam,” C.W. Bert and Y. Feng, Nonlinear Dynamics, vol. 3, pp. 13-18, 1992.


Department of Mechanical Engineering



B.S. Solid Mechanics, Tsinghua University (China) 

M.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Oklahoma 

M.S. Applied Mathematics, University of Oklahoma 

Ph.D. Computational Mechanics, University of Texas at Austin



Phone: 210-458-6479