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Wayne A. Wiatrowski, Ph.D.



Selected Publications

Wiatrowski WA, Giles ER, Cooke EP. Development of a system to evaluate and communicate radiation risk. Health Phys 1996 Jan;70(1):111-117. 

Wiatrowski WA, Cooke EP, Kopp DT, Jordan DW. Radiocontamination in medical centers from diagnostic nuclear medicine procedures. Health Phys 1984 Aug;47(2):297-298. 

Wiatrowski WA, Chakeres DW. Cerebral Angiography: A device to reduce exposure to eye lens. Radiology 1984;152(2):535-535. 

Wiatrowski WA, Kopp DT, Jordan DW, Barragan F. Factors affecting radiation exposure and radiographic image contrast in urology. Health Phys 1983 Sep;45(3):599-605. 

Wiatrowski WA. The 'recommended' location for medical radiation workers to wear personnel monitoring devices. Health Phys 1980 Mar;38(3):434-435. 

Wiatrowski WA. An Introduction to Scintillation Detectors and Gamma Ray Counting Ligand Review 1980;2:59-59.

Clinical Associate Professor


Ph.D., Radiological Physics, UTHSCSA, 1979

M.S., Physics, Illinois Institute of Technology, 1972

B.S., Physics, Illinois Institute of Technology, 1971



Phone: 210-617-5300

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