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Sos Agaian, Ph.D.

Sos agaian, ph.d.


Dr. Sos Agaian is the UTSA Peter T. Flawn Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He was recently named UTSA's Innovator of the Year. Notably, Agaian is researching image enhancement for use in computer-aided cancer detection. To date, Agaian and his colleagues have developed an algorithm that:

- assists pathologists in locating and scoring cancerous tissue regions

- provides more consistent and accurate cancer grading and scoring

- reduces the time and cost to process biopsies, and

- removes the need to have slides reviewed and graded by multiple pathologists.

While at UTSA, Agaian's research has led overall to 26 invention disclosures, 17 patent applications filed, two patents issued and three technologies licensed. Over the last year alone, his research led to six invention disclosures, three provisional patent applications filed, two full patent applications filed and three technology licenses. Additionally, the licensee of his technology provided more than $100,000 in sponsored research funding to his laboratory, and it hired one of Agaian's doctoral students following graduation.

Selected Publications

K. Panetta, C. Gao, S. Agaian, No Reference Color Image Contrast and Quality Measures, IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, volume 59, Number 3, Page(s): 643-651, 2013.

S.Nercessian, K.. Panetta, S. Agaian, Non-linear Direct Multi-scale Image Enhancement Based on the Luminance and Contrast Masking Characteristics of the Human Visual System, IEEE Transactions- Image Processing, Vol.: 22, Page(s): 3549 – 3561, 2013.

(Best paper award) Yue Wu, Sos Agaian and Joseph P. Noonan, A novel method of testing image randomness with applications to image shuffling and encryption, Proc. SPIE 8755, (2013); 25 April - 3 May 2013, SPIE Defense, Security Sensing, conference

Y.Zhou K. Panetta, and S. Agaian, (n, k, p)-Gray Code for Imaging Systems,” Man, and Cybernetics, Part B: Cybernetics, IEEE Transactions on , 2013 , Volume: 43 , Issue: 2 Page(s): 515 – 529, 2013

Khader Mohammad and Sos Agaian "Practical Recognition System for Text Printed on Clear Reflected Material," ISRN Machine Vision,, 12 pages, 2012

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The Peter T. Flawn Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Ph.D., Graduate Studies, Steklov Institute of Mathematics Academy of the Sciences of the USSR (Moscow)



Phone: 210-458-5939