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Sherry Werner, M.D.



Dr. Sherry Werner is a professor in the Department of Pathology at UT Health Science Center San Antonio. 

Selected Publications

Seo YK, Mirkheshti N, Song CS, Kim S, Dodds S, Ahn SC, Christy B, Mendez-Meza R, Ittmann MM, Abboud-Werner S, Chatterjee B. SULT2B1b sulfotransferase: induction by vitamin D receptor and reduced expression in prostate cancer Mol Endocrinol 2013 Jun;27(6):925-939.

Levine DJ, Riley DJ, Jorgensen JH, McClain WD, Tio F, Visvesvara GS, Werner SL. Key diagnostic features of granulomatous interstitial nephritis due to Encephlaitozoon cuniculi in a lung transplant recipient Am J Surg Pathol 2013 Mar;37(3):447-452.

Sharma R, Callaway D, Vanegas D, Bendele M, Lopez-Cruzan M, Horn D, Guda T, Fajardo R, Werner SL, Herman B. Caspase-2 maintains bone homeostasis by inducing apoptosis of oxidatively-damaged osteoclasts J Bone Miner Res (in final revision) 2013 Jan;.

Hung JY, Horn D, Woodruff K, Prihoda, LeSaux C, Peters JI, Tio F, Werner SL. CSF-1 potentiates lung cancer bone metastasis Plos One (in final revision) 2013 Jan;.

Kar R, Riquelme MA, Werner SL, Jiang JX. Connexin 43 protects osteocytes against oxidative stress-induced cell death J Bone Miner Res (submitted) 2013 Jan;.

Habib SL, Prihoda TJ, Luna M, Abboud Werner SA. Diabetes and risk of renal cell carcinoma Journal of Cancer 2012 Jan;3:42-48.

Harris SE, Macdougall M, Horn D, Woodruff K, Zimmer SN, Rebel VI, Fajardo R, Feng JQ, Gluhak-Heinrich J, Harris MA, Abboud Werner S. Meox2Cre-mediated disruption of CSF-1 leads to osteopetrosis and osteocyte defects Bone 2012 Jan;50:42-53.

Yeh C-K, Harris SE, Mohan S, Horn D, Fajardo R, Chun Y-H P, Jorgensen J, MacDougall M, Abboud Werner S. Hyperglycemia and xerostomia are key determinants of tooth decay in type I diabetic mice Laboratory Investigation 2012 Jan;92:868-882.

Velagapudi C, Bhandari B, Abboud Werner SL, Simone S, Abboud HE, Habib SL. The Tuberin/mTOR pathway promotes apoptosis of tubular epithelial cells in diabetes J Am Soc Nephrol 2011 Feb;22:262-273.

Mishra S, Tang Y, Wang L, deGraffenried L, Yeh I-T, Werner S, Troyer D, Copland JA, Sun L-Z. Blockade of transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta) signaling inhibits osteoblastic tumorigenesis by a novel human prostate cancer cell line The Prostate 2011 Jan;71:1441-1454.

Zimmer SN, Zhou Q, Zhou T, Chen Z, Abboud Werner SL, Horn D, Lecocke M, White R, Drivtsov AV, Armstrong SA, Kung AL, Livingston DM, Rebel V. Crebbp haploinsufficiency disrupts interactions between hematopoietic stem cells and their niche Blood 2011 Jan;118:69-79.

Habib SL, Bhandari BK, Sadek N, Abboud Werner SL, Abboud HE. Novel mechanism of regulation of the DNA repair enzyme OGGI in tuberin-deficient cells Carcinogenesis 2010 Jan;31:2022-2030.



M.D., Medicine, University of Maryland School of Medicine, 1976

B.S., Biology, Hood College, 1972



Phone: 210-567-1913

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