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Nicolas Musi, M.D.

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My research expertise is in aging, insulin resistance and exercise physiology. My research program in metabolic/endocrine gerontology, is devoted to exploring the effects that aging has on numerous metabolic and cellular processes, and relevant to the patho-genesis of age-related diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and sarcopenia. My main clinical interests are (i) pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of diabetes in the elderly; (ii) molecular mechanisms underlying sarcopenia of aging; and (iii) effects of exercise on glucose and lipid metabolism at the whole-body and cellular levels. We conduct our research in human subjects, rodents, and cell cultures.

Selected Publications

Ghosh S, Lertwattanarak R, Garduño JJ, Joya Galeana J, Li J, Zamarripa Z, Lancaster J, Mohan S, Hussey SE, Musi N. Elevated Muscle TLR4 Expression and Metabolic Endotoxemia in Human Aging. Journal of Gerontology Biological Sciences, 2014, in press.

Blanco C, Moreira AG, McGill LL, Anzueto DG, Nathanielsz P, Musi N. Antenatal Corticosteroids Alter Insulin Signaling Pathways in Fetal Baboon Skeletal Muscle. Journal of Endocrinology, 2014, in press.

Hussey SE, Lum H, Alvarez A, Cipriani Y, Garduño-Garcia J, Anaya L, Dube J, Musi N. A sustained increase in plasma NEFA upregulates the Toll-like receptor network in human muscle. Diabetologia. 2014 Mar;57(3):582-91.

Mariappan MM, DeSilva K, Sorice GP, Muscogiuri G, Jimenez F, Ahuja S, Barnes JL, Choudhury GG, Musi N, DeFronzo R, Kasinath BS. Combined acute hyperglycemic and hyperinsulinemic clamp induced profibrotic and proinflammatory responses in the kidney. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2014 Feb 1;306(3):C202-11.

Hussey SE, Liang H, Costford SR, Klip A, DeFronzo RA, Sanchez-Avila A, Ely B, Musi N. TAK-242, a small-molecule inhibitor of Toll-like receptor 4 signalling, unveils similarities and differences in lipopolysaccharide- and lipid-induced inflammation and insulin resistance in muscle cells. Biosci Rep. 2012 Nov 30;33(1):37-47.

Director, Barshop Institute for Longevity & Aging Studies

Director, Center for Healthy Aging

Professor, Medicine


M.D, Medicine, Universidad Anahuac, 1995



Phone: 210-562-6140

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