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Michael Olivier, Ph.D.



Dr. Michael Olivier joined Texas Biomedical Research Institute as a scientist in 2013, and as of September 2014, is serving as the interim chair for the Department of Genetics. His recruitment was funded through one of a number of initiatives included in the current Texas Biomed capital campaign. The lead donors for this position were the Kronkosky Charitable Foundation and the Max and Minnie Tomerlin Voelcker Fund. Dr. Olivier is a leader in the field of understanding how gene variations affect the structure and function of proteins. 

This research ultimately will lead to new approaches for treating many disorders, including diabetes, obesity and heart disease. “My lab is interested in the genetic and functional analysis of common human disorders, with a special interest in lipid abnormalities such as high cholesterol and high plasma triglyceride levels. We are trying to determine how these factors contribute to cardiovascular disease risk,” Olivier said. 

Dr. Olivier was previously a professor of physiology and director of the Wisconsin Center of Excellence in Genomics Science at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. With his move to Texas, the Center of Excellence in Genomics Science moves with him. He joined the Medical College of Wisconsin in 2001 as an assistant professor, and was promoted to full professor with tenure in 2009.

Selected Publications

Guillen-Ahlers H, Shortreed MR, Smith LM, Olivier MAdvanced methods for the analysis of chromatin-associated proteins. Physiol Genomics 46: 441-447, 2014

Kennedy-Darling J, Guillen-Ahlers H, Shortreed MR, Scalf M, Frey BL, Kendziorski C, Olivier M, Gasch AP, Smith LM. Discovery of Chromatin-Associated Proteins via Sequence-Specific Capture and Mass Spectrometric Protein Identification in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. J Proteome Res [Epub ahead of print] 2014

Adjunct Professor, Department of Molecular Medicine


Ph.D., Physiology and Molecular Genetics, Cornell University, 1997

M.S., Chemistry, University of Cologne, 1993


Phone: (210) 258-9414