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Mary K. Vaughan, Ph.D.



Dr. Mary K. Vaughan is course director, lecturer, and laboratory instructor for Medical Neuroscience, lecturer and laboratory instructor in Dental Microscopic Anatomy and Dental Hygiene Head and Neck Anatomy and offers Advanced Neuroanatomy as an enrichment selective for sophomores or seniors at UTHSCSA. She is active in the community in providing enrichment activities for children from elementary to high school.

My main interests at the present time involve the development and programming of educational software for the health professional student. I have developed a unique tutorial approach to Medical Neuroscience laboratory along with a bank of 2300 questions for lecture and laboratory. Similarly, CD-ROMS for neuroscience for the undergraduate student and the dental student are available. With the collaboration of Drs. Weaker and King, several CD-ROMS have been developed for the Medical Microscopic Anatomy, Dental Microscopic Anatomy and Dental Hygiene Head and Neck Anatomy course. A list and a link to a short virtual tour of the CD-ROMS are on the THP Innovative Teaching Projects webpage. Upgrades are planned for the future in all of these study aids. Student feedback on these instructional aids has been overwhelmingly positive.

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Buzzell, G.R., J.L. Blank, V.K. Vaughan, and R.J. Reiter. (1995) Control of secretory lipid droplets in the Harderian gland by testosterone and the photoperiod: comparison of two species of hamsters. Gen. Comp. Endocr. 99: 230-238.

Vaughan, M.K., Menendez-Pelaez, G.R. Buzzell, G.M. Vaughan, J.C. Little, and R.J. Reiter (1994) Circadian rhythms in reproductive and thyroid hormones in gonadally regressed male hamsters exposed to natural autumn photoperiod and temperature conditions. Neuroendocrinology 60:96-104.

Rodriguez, C., A. Menendez-Palaez, R.J. Reiter, G..R. Buzzell, and M.K. Vaughan. (1992) Porphyrin metabolism in the Harderian glands of Syrian hamsters: In vivo regulation by testicular hormones, lighting conditions, pineal gland, and pituitary hormones. Proc. Soc. Exp. Biol. Med. 200:25-29

Associate Professor

Cell Systems and Anatomy


University of Texas Medical Branch, 1970


Phone: (210) 567-3835