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John C. Lee, Ph.D.



Dr. John Lee's major research interest focuses on Bone Morphogenetic Proteins (BMPs), a member of the transforming growth factor-beta superfamily. Many of these proteins are multifunctional and are involved in differentiation, growth, and tissue repair.  

His current research efforts focus on defining how these proteins work at the molecular level and how they are affected in human health and disease as well as aging.  

Current projects include biochemical/biophysical and computational analysis of the interactions between BMPs and their receptors, and molecular analysis of genes and signaling molecules that are regulated by BMPs. 

Selected Publications

Yeh, L-C.C., Ford, J., Lee, J.C., and Adamo, M.L. (2014) Palmitate attenuates osteoblast differentiation of Fetal Rat Calvarial Cells. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 450, 777-781.

Ford, J., Yeh, L-C. C., Schmidgal, C., Tompson, J., Adamo, M.L., and Lee, J.C. (2013) Protein Kinase D1 haplodeficiency causes attenuated bone mineral density in male and female mice. Endocrinology 154, 4182-4191.

Ford JJ, Yeh LC, Schmidgal EC, Thompson JF, Adamo ML, Lee JC.Rapamycin inhibits BMP-7-induced osteogenic and lipogenic marker expressions in fetal rat calvarial cells.J Cell Biochem. 2013 Aug;114(8):1760-71.

Yeh LC, Ma X, Ford JJ, Adamo ML, Lee JC. Rapamycin inhibits BMP-7-induced osteogenic and lipogenic marker expressions in fetal rat calvarial cells. J Cell Biochem. 2013 Aug;114(8):1760-71.

Yeh LC, Falcon WE, Garces A, Lee JC, Lee JC. A host-guest relationship in bone morphogenetic protein receptor-II defines specificity in ligand-receptor recognition. Biochemistry. 2012 Sep 4;51(35):6968-80.

Yeh LC, Ma X, Matheny RW, Adamo ML, Lee JC. Protein kinase D mediates the synergistic effects of BMP-7 and IGF-I on osteoblastic cell differentiation. Growth Factors. 2010 Oct;28(5):318-28. 


Biochemistry and Structural Biology


Ph.D., Molecular Biology, Purdue University, 1966

M.S., Biophysics, Purdue University, 1964

B.A., Physics/Mathematics, Taylor University, 1961



Phone: (210) 567-3777

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