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John Digiovanni, Ph.D.



Research interests in my laboratory focus on 6 major areas: i) identifying critical targets and mechanisms involved in the initiation and promotion stages of chemical as well as UV skin carcinogenesis; ii) identification of genetic determinants of susceptibility to chemically-induced skin cancer; iii) exploring novel prevention strategies for inhibiting chemical and UV skin carcinogenesis; and iv) development of new mouse models for cancer, including models for skin, prostate and head and neck cancers; v) impact of dietary energy balance, especially obesity on development and progression of both skin and prostate cancer; and finally vi) role of Stat3 psoriasis.

Selected peer-reviewed publications (Selected from a list of over 230)

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8. Kataoka K, Kim DJ, Carbajal S, Clifford J, DiGiovanni J. Stage-specific disruption of Stat3 demonstrates a direct requirement during both the initiation and promotion stages of mouse skin tumorigenesis. Carcinogenesis 29:1108-1114, 2008.

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    Evidence That Gsta4 Modifies Susceptibility to Skin Tumor Development in Mice and Humans. JNCI, in press, 2010.

Director of Center for Molecular Carcinogenesis and Toxicology

Associate Director of Basic Science Research, LiveSTRONG Cancer Institutes

Professor of Pharmacology & Toxicology

UT Austin 


Ph.D., Pharmacology, The University of Washington, 1978

B.S., Pharmacy, The University of Washington, 1974