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Jing Yong Ye, Ph.D.

Jing yong ye, ph.d.


Dr. Ye’s research covers a wide range of areas in biomedical optics and nanobiotechnology, with special emphasis on the development of cutting-edge ultrasensitive and ultrafast laser-based detection techniques and methodologies to address critical issues at the frontier of biomedical science and technology. His research activities involve:

- Photoacoustic imaging with a unique optoacoustic sensor for cancer diagnosis and drug delivery monitoring

- Label-free bioassays with photonic crystal biosensors for a wide range of applications, including noninvasive detection of prostate cancer, cardiac research, and peptide screening for genetic treatment of soybean disease

- In vivo fiber-optic biosensing and imaging for quantifying targeted drug delivery and for brain research

- Ultrafast laser interaction with nanoparticle targeted cancer cells

- Fiber scanning multiphoton microscopy

- In vivo two-photon flow cytometry

- Adaptive optical aberration correction in confocal microscopy, and

- Single-molecule fluorescence imaging and spectroscopy.

Dr. Ye has led multiple exciting research programs funded by NIH and several other funding agencies. He has published 86 refereed articles, over 150 conference papers, and two book chapters, and holds 12 patents. He serves as a reviewer for funding agencies including NIH, NSF, Petroleum Research Fund, United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation, the James & Esther King Biomedical Research Program and the Bankhead-Coley Cancer Research Program. He also serves as a reviewer for over 30 scientific journals. He is a senior member of IEEE and was elected as the president for the Ann Arbor Section of the Optical Society of America in 2008-2009. In addition, Dr. Ye is a co-founder of Photon Affinity LLC and on the advisory board of a biotech company, and has served as a professional consultant for five companies.

Selected Publications

Bailin Zhang, Bing Wang, Andres W. Morales, Jonathan Scudder, Madan K. Bhattacharyya, and Jing Yong Ye “Study of the Interactions of Fusarium virguliforme Toxin FvTox1 with Synthetic Peptides by Molecular Simulations and a Label-Free Biosensor”, Analytical Chemistry 88, 3024-30 (2016).

He Huang, Gilbert Bustamante, Ralph Peterson, and Jing Yong Ye, “An adaptive filtered back-projection for photoacoustic image reconstruction”, Medical Physics 42, 2169-2178 (2015).

Bailin Zhang; Andres Morales, Ralph Peterson; Liang Tang, and Jing Yong Ye, “Label-free Detection of Cardiac Troponin I with a Photonic Crystal Biosensor”, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 58C, 107-113 (2014).

Ralph Peterson, Steven Solis, Bailin Zhang, He Huang, and Jing Yong Ye, “Sensitivity Enhancement of an Open Cavity Based Optoacoustic Sensor”, Optics Letters, Vol. 38, 2739-2741 (2013).

Bailin Zhang, Juan Manuel Tamez-Vela, Steven Solis, Gilbert Bustamante, Ralph Peterson, Shafiqur Rahman, Andres Morales, Liang Tang and Jing Yong Ye, “Detection of Myoglobin with open-cavity and label-free photonic crystal biosensor”, Journal of Medical Engineering, 808056, 2013.

Bailin Zhang, Chia-Yi Fang, Cheng-Chun Chang, Ralph Peterson, Saher Maswadi, Randolph D. Glickman, Huan-Cheng Chang, and Jing Yong Ye, “Photoacoustic Emission from Fluorescent Nanodiamonds Enhanced with Gold Nanoparticles”, Biomedical Optics Express 3, 1662–1629 (2012).

Shatha Dallo, Bailin Zhang, James Denno, Soonbae Hong, Anyu Tsai, Williams Haskins, Jing Yong Ye, and Tao Weitao, “Association of Acinetobacter baumannii EF-Tu with cell surface, outer membrane vesicles and fibronectin”, the Scientific World Journal, Vol. 2012, 127805 (2012)

Thommey P. Thomas, Yu-Chung Chang, Jing Yong Ye, Alina Kotlyar, Zhengyi Cao, Rameshwer Shukla, Suyang Qin, Theodore B. Norris, James R. Baker Jr., “Optical fiber-based in vivo quantification of growth factor receptors”, Cancer, 118, 2148-56 (2012).

Yun Zhou, Kun Yang, Jianmin Cui, Jing Yong Ye, Cheri X. Deng, “Controlled permeation of cell membrane by single bubble acoustic cavitation”, J. of Controlled Release, 157, 103-111, (2012).

Bailin Zhang, Shatha Dallo, Ralph Peterson, Syed Hussain, Tao Weitao, and Jing Yong Ye “Detection of anthrax lef with DNA-based photonic crystal sensors”, Journal of Biomedical Optics 16, 127006 (2011).

Colin M. Chow, Yun Zhou, Yunbo Guo, Theodore Norris, Xueding Wang, Cheri Deng, and Jing Yong Ye, “Optical Ultrasound Sensor with a Unique Open-Cavity Structure”, J. Biomed. Opt. 16, 017001 (2011).

Christine Tse, Marwa J Zohdy, Jing Yong Ye, Matthew O'Donnell, Wojciech Lesniak and Lajos Balogh, “Enhanced optical breakdown in KB cells labeled with folate-targeted silver-dendrimer composite nanodevices”, Nanomed Nanotechnol Biol. Med., 7, 97-106 (2011)

Yunbo Guo, Jing Yong Ye, Charles Divin, Baohua Huang, Thommey P. Thomas, James R. Baker, Jr. and Theodore B. Norris, “Real-Time Biomolecular Binding Detection Using a Sensitive Photonic Crystal Biosensor”, Anal. Chem., 82, 5211-5218 (2010).

Associate Professor 

Department of Biomedical Engineering



Ph. D., University of Tsukuba, Japan

B. S., Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China



Phone: 210-458-5056