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Jean Jiang, Ph.D.

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Dr. Jean Jiang's research focuses on understanding the molecular mechanism of intercellular and intracellular signaling mediated by connexin channels and the functional importance of these channels in the lens, skeletal tissues and cancer metastasis. Various biochemical, molecular, cellular and genetic approaches as well as cell and transgenic mouse models are established to address these questions.

Ongoing research projects include: 

1. Channel channels in cancer metastasis and translation research

2. Connexin hemichannels and integrins in mediating mechanotransduction process in osteocytes and bone tissues and in protecting cells against oxidative stress 

2. Channel-dependent and –independent roles of connexins in lens differentiation and development, and in maintaining lens transparency

Selected Publications

Hu, Z., Shi W., Riquelme, M., Shi, Q., Biswas, S., Lo, W-K., White, T.W., Lo, Gu, S., and Jiang, J.X. (2017) Connexin 50 functions as an adhesive molecule and promotes lens cell differentiation. Sci. Report 7, 5298

Wang, X., Xu, H., Huang, Y., Gu, S., and Jiang, J.X. (2016) Coupling effect of water and proteoglycans on the in situ toughness of bone. J. Bone Miner. Res. 31, 1026-1029.

Zhou, J.Z., Riquelme, M.A., Gu, S., Kar, R., Gao, X., Sun, L and Jiang, J. X. (2016) Osteocytic Connexin 43 hemichannels suppress breast cancer growth and bone metastasis. Oncogene 35, 5597-5607.

Shi, Q., Gu, S., Yu, X.S., White, T.A., Banks, E.A., and Jiang, J.X. (2015) Connexin controls cell cycle exit and cell differentiation by directly promoting cytosolic localization and degradation of E3 ligase Skp2. Dev. Cell. 35, 483-496.

Riquelme, M.A., Burra, S., Kar, R., Lampe, P.D., Jiang, J.X. (2015) MAPK activated by prostaglandin E2 phosphorylates connexin 43 and closes osteocytic hemichannels in response to continuous flow shear stress. J. Biol. Chem. 290, 28321-28328.

Zhou, J.Z., Riquelme, M.A., Ellies, L.G., Sun, L-Z., Jiang, J.X. (2015) Differential impact of adenosine nucleotides released by osteocytes on breast cancer growth and bone metastasis. Oncogene 34, 1831-1842.

Batra, N., Riquelme, M.A., Burra, S., and Jiang, J.X. (2014) 14-3-3θ facilitates plasma membrane delivery and function of mechanosensitive connexin 43 hemichannels. J. Cell Sci. 127, 137-146. PMCID3874784

Batra, N., Riquelme, M.A., Burra, S., and Jiang, J.X. (2014) Direct regulation of osteocytic connexin 43 hemichannels through AKT kinase activated by mechanical stimulation. J. Biol. Chem. 289, 10582-10591.

Batra N, Burra S, Siller-Jackson AJ, Gu S, Xia X, Weber GF, DeSimone D, Bonewald LF, Lafer EM, Sprague E, Schwartz MA, Jiang JX. Mechanical stress-activated integrin α5β1 induces opening of connexin 43 hemichannels. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012 Feb 28;109(9):3359-64.

Burra S, Nicolella DP, Francis WL, Freitas CJ, Mueschke NJ, Poole K, Jiang JX. Dendritic processes of osteocytes are mechanotransducers that induce the opening of hemichannels. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010 Aug 3;107(31):13648-53.

Ashbel Smith Professor, Biochemistry and Structural Biology

Associate Director, Biomedical Engineering Joint Program 


Ph.D., Biochemistry, State University of New York, 1991

B.S., Biochemistry, Nanjing University, 1986



Phone: (210) 562-4094

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