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Jack L. Lancaster, Ph.D.

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Dr. Jack Lancaster's research focus is in image processing primarily for MR and PET images. He is the designer of the freely distributed image processing software 'Mango' ( that is used by many researchers at the Research Imaging Institute and and other universities and labs. 

Recently, he has worked on improving research tools for resting state fMRI studies and developing better models of brain connectivity. Dr. Lancaster is actively involved in BrainMap database research for over 15 years.

Selected Publications

Lancaster JL, Laird AR, Eickhoff SB, Martinez MJ, Fox PM, Fox PT. Automated regional behavioral analysis for human brain images. Front Neuroinform 2012 Aug;6:23-23. 

Kochunov P, Rogers W, Mangin JF, Lancaster J, Lancaster JLA library of cortical morphology analysis tools to study development, aging and genetics of cerebral cortex. Neuroinformatics 2012 Jan;10(1):81-96. 

Kochunov P, Williamson DE, Lancaster J, Fox P, Cornell J, Blangero J, Glahn DC. Fractional anisotropy of water diffusion in cerebral white matter across the lifespan. Neurobiol Aging 2012 Jan;33(1):9-20. 

Lancaster JL, McKay DR, Cykowski MD, Martinez MJ, Tan X, Valaparla S, Zhang Y, Fox PT. Automated analysis of fundamental features of brain structures. Neuroinformatics 2011 Dec;9(4):371-380. 

Szabo CA, Kochunov P, Knape KD, McCoy KJ, Leland MM, Lancaster JL, Fox PT, Williams JT, Rogers J. Cortical Sulcal Areas in Baboons (Papio hamadryas spp) with Generalized Interictal Epioleptic Discharges on Scalp EEG.Submitted to Epilepsy Research Epilepsy Research 2011 Feb;93(2-3). 

Kochunov P, Glahn DC, Fox PT, Lancaster JL, Saleem K, Shelledy W, Zilles K, Thompson PM, Coulon O, Mangin JF, Blangero J, Rogers J. Genetics of primary cerebral gyrification: Heritability of length, depth and area of primary sulci in an extended pedigree of Papio baboons. Neuroimage 2010 Nov;53(3):1126-1134. 

Sebold, C., Roeder ER, Zimmerman, M., Soileau, B., Heard, P., Cater, E., Schatz MP, White, W., Perry BP, Reinker KA, ODonnell L, Lancaster JL. Tetrasomy 18p: Report of Molecular and Clinical Findings of 43 individuals. Am J Med Genet A 2010 Sep;152A(9):2164-72. 

Rogers B, Zhang W, Narayana S, Lancaster JL, Robin DA, Fox PT. Force sensing system for automated assessment of motor performance during fMRI. J Neurosci Methods 2010 Jun;190(1):92-94. 

Laird AR, Robinson JL, McMillan KM, Tordesillas-Gutirrez D, Moran ST, Gonzales SM, Ray KL, Franklin C, Glahn DC, Fox PT, Lancaster JLComparison of the disparity between Talairach and MNI coordinates in functional neuroimaging data: validation of the Lancaster transform. Neuroimage 2010 Jun;51(2):677-683. 

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Kochunov P, Coyle T, Lancaster J, Robin DA, Hardies J, Kochunov V, Bartzokis G, Stanley J, Royall D, Schlosser AE, Null M, Fox PT. Processing speed is correlated with cerebral health markers in the frontal lobes as quantified by neuroimaging. Neuroimage 2010 Jan;49(2):1190-1199. 

Kochunov P, Glahn DC, Lancaster JL, Winkler AM, Smith S, Thompson PM, Almasy L, Duggirala R, Fox PT, Blangero J. Genetics of microstructure of cerebral white matter using diffusion tensor imaging. Neuroimage 2010 Jan;. 

Laird AR, Lancaster JL, Fox PT. Lost in localization? The focus is meta-analysis Neuroimage 2009 Oct;48(1):18-20. 

Rabago CA, Lancaster JL, Narayana S, Zhang W, Fox PT. Automated-parameterization of the motor evoked potential and cortical silent period induced by transcranial magnetic stimulation. Clin Neurophysiol 2009 Aug;120(8):1577-1587. 

Peluso MA, Glahn DC, Matsuo K, Monkul ES, Najt P, Zamarripa F, Li J, Lancaster JL, Fox PT, Gao JH, Soares JC. Amygdala hyperactivation in untreated depressed individuals. Psychiatry Res 2009 Aug;173(2):158-161. 

Laird AR, Eickhoff SB, Kurth F, Fox PM, Uecker AM, Turner JA, Robinson JL, Lancaster JL, Fox PT. ALE Meta-Analysis Workflows Via the Brainmap Database: Progress Towards A Probabilistic Functional Brain Atlas Front Neuroinformatics 2009 Jul;3:23-23. 

Cody JD, Heard PL, Crandall AC, Carter EM, Li J, Hardies LJ, Lancaster J, Perry B, Stratton RF, Sebold C, Schaub RL, Soileau B, Hill A, Hasi M, Fox PT, Hale DE. Narrowing critical regions and determining penetrance for selected 18q- phenotypes Am J Med Genet A 2009 Jun;149A(7):1421-1430. 

Salinas FS, Lancaster JL, Fox PT. 3D modeling of the total electric field induced by transcranial magnetic stimulation using the boundary element method Phys Med Biol 2009 Jun;54(12):3631-3647. 

Kochunov P, Ramage AE, Lancaster JL, Robin DA, Narayana S, Coyle T, Royall DR, Fox P. Loss of cerebral white matter structural integrity tracks the gray matter metabolic decline in normal aging Neuroimage 2009 Mar;45(1):17-28.


Associate Director, Research Imaging Institute


M.S., Physics, University of Texas Health Science Center Dallas, 1968

B.S., Physics, University of Texas Arlington, 1968

Ph.D., Physics, University of Texas Health Science Center Dallas, 1978



Phone: (210) 567-8188