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George B. Kudolo, Ph.D., FACB

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My primary responsibility is teaching clinical chemistry in the undergraduate Clinical Laboratory Sciences program, and Forensic Toxicology in the Graduate Toxicology Program. My research interests are in reproduction, nutrition, diabetes, and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). I have conducted clinical trials with the herbal supplement Ginkgo biloba extract where we are interested in the mechanism by which Ginkgo extract may thin the blood and increase blood fluidity in the healthy and the diabetic subject. We have already shown that it has a direct effect on blood platelets, inhibiting the COX-1 enzyme, thereby preventing platelet aggregation and blood clot. My other interests are the effect of herbal remedies in general on interpretation of diagnostic laboratory tests and forensic drug tests, and conventional drug-herb interactions.

Book Chapter

Kudolo GB, Piernik-Yoder, B, Kidd, VD, Gardner, DD, Ortega C. Essays on Research in the Health Professions In: J. Dennis Blessing, J. Glenn Forister. Introduction to Research and Medical Literature for Health Professions. Burlington, MA: 2013. p. 11 - 18.

Selected Publications

  • Kudolo GB. Workplace drug testing for today and tomorrow – the challenges with amphetamines.EC Pharmacology and Toxicology 3.1:22-25. 2017

Kudolo GB. Arachidonic Acid and Platelet-Activating Factor as Central Players in the metabolic syndrome. Lessons from the Use of the Ginkgo biloba Extract. EC Pharmacology and Toxicology. 2.4: 208-217. 2016

  • Kudolo GB. Producing chemical toxicity – could it be because of actually losing tolerance? EC Pharmacology and Toxicology. 2.4: 154-155. 2016
  • Kudolo GB. Suggestions for Improvement to Opioid Use Compliance Monitoring During the Age of The Opioid Epidemic. EC Pharmacology and Toxicology. 01:05-06. 2016
  • Kudolo GB. Effect of Ginkgo biloba Extract Ingestion on Plasma Total Cortisol Levels During An Oral Glucose Tolerance Test in Normal Glucose Tolerant Individuals. Food and Nutrition Sciences. 5: 1561-1567. 2014


Medical Laboratory Sciences


Post-Baccalaureate, Clinical Chemistry, UTHSCSA 1995

Ph.D., Clinical Biochemistry & Reproduction, University of London Institute of Ob/Gyn, 1983

B.S., Biological Sciences, University of Science & Technology, 1979



Phone: 210-567-4316

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