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Daniel Saenz, Ph.D.

Daniel saenz2


Dr. Daniel Saenz is an academic medical physicist in the Department of Radiation Oncology.  


Narayanasamy G, Saenz DL, Defoor D, Papanikolaou N, Stathakis S. Dosimetric validation of Monaco treatment planning system on an Elekta VersaHD linear accelerator. Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics 2017 Nov;18(6):123-129.

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Saenz DL, Yan Y, Christensen N, Henzler M, Forrest L, Bayouth J, Paliwal B. Characterization of a 0.35T MR system for phantom image quality stability and in vivo assessment of motion quantification. J Appl Clin Med Phys 2015 Jun;16(6):1-11.

Saenz DL, Paliwal B, Bayouth J. A dose homogeneity and conformity evaluation between ViewRay and pinnacle-based linear accelerator IMRT treatment plans. J Med Phys 2014 Apr;39(2):64-70.

Assistant Professor/Clinical and Other, Radiation Oncology


Ph.D., Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2014

M.S., Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2011

B.S., Physics, Rice University, 2009


Phone: 210-450-1023