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Daniel Nicolella, Ph.D.



Dr. Daniel Nicolella is an Institute Engineer in the Materials Engineering Department at Southwest Research Institute. He is also an adjunct professor for the Biomedical Engineering Joint Program. 

Selected Publications

Bonivtch, A.R., Bonewald, L.F., and Nicolella, D.P.: Tissue strain at the osteocyte lacuna: a microstructural finite element model. Journal of Biomechanics, 40(10), 2199-206, 2007.

Ni, Q.; Nyman, J. S.; Wang, X.; De Los Santos, A.; Nicolella, D.P.: Assessment of water distribution changes in human cortical bone by nuclear magnetic resonance. Measurement Science and Technology,18(3), 715-723, 2007.

Barragan-Adjemian, C., Nicolella, D.P., Dusevich, V., Dallas, M.R., Eick, J.D., and BonewaldL.F.: Mechanism by Which MLO-A5 Late Osteoblast/Early Osteocytes Mineralize in Culture: Similarities with Mineralization of Lamellar Bone. Calcified Tissue International, 79 (5): 340-353, 2006.

Chan, K.S., Lee, Y-D, Nicolella, D.P., Furman, B.r., Wellinghoff, S., and Rawls, R.: Improfving fracture toughness of dental nanocomposites by interface engineering and micromechanics. Engineering Fracture Mechanics, accepted, 2006.

"Osteocyte Lacunae Tissue Strain in cortical Bone," D.P. Nicolella, D.E. Moravits, A.M. Gale, L.F. Bonewald and J. Lankford, Journal of Biomechanics, 39, 1735-1743, 2006.

D.P. Nicolella, B.H. Thacker, H. Katoozian, and D.T. Davy: The Effect of Three Dimensional Shape Optimization on the Probabilistic Response of a Cemented Femoral Hip Prosthesis. Journal of Biomechanics, 39 1265-1278, 2006.

D.P. Nicolella, L.F. Bonewald, D.E. Moravits, J. Lankford: Measurement of Microstructural Strain in Cortical Bone. European Journal of Morphology, 42(1/2), 23-29, 2005.

Thacker, B.H., Enright, M.P., Nicolella, D.P., Riha, D.S., Huyse, L.J., Waldhart, W.J., Fitch: "Applications of Reliability Assessment," CRC Engineering Design Reliability Handbook S.HK., Accepted for publication, 2005. E. Nikolaidis and D.M. Ghiocel (eds).

Do-Gyoon Kim, J.B. Brunski and D.P. Nicolella: Microstrain Fields for Critical Bone in Uniaxial Tension: Optical Analysis Method. Journal of Engineering in Medicine, Part H, 219(2), 119-128, 2005.

Q. Ni and D.P. Nicolella: The characterization of human cortical bone microdamage by nuclear magnetic resonance. Measurement Science and Technology, 16:659-668, 2005.

D.P. Nicolella and J. Lankford: Microstructural strain near osteocyte lacuna in cortical bone in vitro. J Muscoloskelet Neuronal Interact, 2(3), 261-3, 2002.

Nicolella, D.P., Thacker, B.H., Katoozian, H., and Davy, D.T.: Probabilistic Risk Analysis of a Cemented Hip Implant. Journal of Mathematical Modelling and Scientific computing, 13(1-2): 98-108, 2001.

Thacker, B.H., Nicolella, D.P., Kumaresan, S., Yoganandan, N., and Pintar, F.A.: Probabilistic Finite Element Analysis of the Human Lower Cervical Spine. Journal of Mathematical Modeling and Scientific Computing, 13(1-2): 12-21, 2001.

R.A. Brand, C.M. Stanford, and D.P. Nicolella: Primary Adult Human Bone Cells Do Not Respond to Tissue (Continuum) Level Strains. Journal of Orthopaedic Science, 6(3):259-301, 2001.

D.P. Nicolella, A.E. Nicholls, J. Jankford, and D.T. Davy: Machine Vision Photogrammetry: a technique for measurement of microstructural strain in cortical bone. J. Biomechanics, 34(1) 134-139, 2001.

Adjoint Professor 



B.S., Drexel University

M.S., Drexel University

Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University 


Phone: (210) 522-3222