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Chul Ha, M.D.



Dr. Chul Ha is professor and chairman of the department of radiation oncology at the UT Health Science Center San Antonio and the Cancer Therapy & Research Center.

He is a nationally recognized expert in radiation oncology, especially for hematological malignancies such as lymphoma, myeloma and leukemia. He has a special expertise in unique treatment procedures such as total body irradiation in preparation for bone marrow transplant, total skin electron beam radiation therapy for certain skin conditions and radioimmunotherapy for lymphomas. His current research interests include the development of drugs that reduce the side effects of radiation therapy and chemotherapy, and the development of agents that are selective to cancer cells for imaging and targeted therapy.

He completed his medical education and residency training at Harvard University and spent 14 years at The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center before joining the faculty at the UT Health Science Center. 

Selected Publications:

Myers, p, Stathakis S, Mavroidis P, Gutierrez AN, Esquivel C, Jones, W, Eng TY, Ha CS, Papanikolaou N. Radiobiological Evaluation of the Three Dimensional Conformal Radiation Therapy, Smart Arc, and Helical Tomotherapy Treatment Techniques for Pediatric Cranio-Spinal Axis Irradiation; 2013 Aug. (Medical Physics; vol. 40). 

Myers, P, Stathakis S, Mavroidis P, Esquivel C, Gutierrez AN, Jones, W, Eng TY, Ha CS, Papanikolaou N. Pediatric Cranio-Spinal Axis Irradiation: Comparison of Radiation-Induced Secondary Malignancy Estimations Based on Three Methods of Analysis for Three Different Treatment Techniques; 2013 Aug. (Medical Physics; vol. 40). 

Markovic, M, Stathakis S, Ha CS, Poppe, B, Gutierrez AN, Papanikolaou N. Investigation of the Characteristics of the OCTAVIUS Detector 1000 SRS for Verification of the Small Field Size IMRT and SRS Beams; 2013 Aug. (Medical Physics; vol. 40). 

Markovic, M, Stathakis S, Ha CS, Poppe, B, Gutierrez AN, Papanikolaou N. Characterization of the Two-Dimensional Liquid Field Ion Chamber Detector Array Used for the Verification of the Treatments in Radiation Therapy; 2013 Aug. (Medical Physics; vol. 40).

Professor and Chair
Radiation Oncology


M.D., Medicine, Harvard Medical School, 1987

B.A., Biochemistry (Summa Cum Laude), Rice University, 1982 



Phone: (210) 450-1016