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C. Mauli Agrawal, Ph.D.



Dr. Agrawal specializes in the area of orthopedic and cardiovascular biomaterials. His work in these fields has resulted in several patents, many of which have been licensed to commercial entities. His lab is currently investigating tissue engineering approaches to treat aortic aneurysms, developing new technologies for drug eluting stents, exploring some revolutionary techniques for preventing blood loss related to battlefield injuries, and developing stent based micron-thin implantable blood pressure sensors.

Selected Publications

Beili Zhu, Steve Bailey, C. Mauli Agrawal, Calcification of Primary Human Osteoblast Cultures under Flow Conditions using Polycaprolactone Scaffolds for Intravascular Applications, Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, Oct: 6(9):687-695, 2012

Amita Shah, Sarita Shah, Sunho Oh, Joo Ong, Joseph Wenke, C.M. Agrawal, Migration of co-cultured endothelial cells and osteoblasts in composite hydroxyapatite/polylactic acid scaffolds, Annals of Biomedical Engineering, Volume: 39 Issue: 10 Pages: 2501-2509., 2011

Tim Brown, Qi-Bin Bao, C. Mauli Agrawal, Nadim James Hallab, “An In Vitro Assessment of Wear Particulate Generated from NUBAC, A PEEK on PEEK Articulating Nucleus Replacement Device. Methodology and Results from a Series of Wear Tests Using Different Motion Profiles, Test Frequencies and Environmental Conditions”, Spine, 36(26), 1675-1685, 2011.

Kaufmann C, Mani G, Marton D, Johnson DM, Agrawal CM. "Long-Term Stability of Self-Assembled Monolayers on Electropolished L605 Cobalt Chromium Alloy for Stent Applications". J. Biomedical Materials Research -B, v 98B (2), 280–289, 2011.

Beili Zhu, Steve Bailey, C. Mauli Agrawal, "Development of a Total Atherosclerotic Occlusion with Cell-Mediated Calcium Deposits in a Rabbit Femoral Artery using Tissue Engineering Scaffolds", Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, 6(3), 193-204, 2012.

R. Vasita, Gopinath Mani, C. Mauli Agrawal, Dhirendra S Katti, “Surface hydrophilization of electrospun PLGA micro-/nano-fibers by blending with Pluronic® F-108”, Polymer, Volume: 51, Issue: 16, 3706-3714, 2010.

Zhu B, Bailey SR, Agrawal CM. Manuscript "Engineering Calcium Deposits on Polycaprolactone Scaffolds for Intravascular Applications using Human Primary Osteoblasts" Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, 5 (4), 324-336, 2011

Shah, A., Shah, S., Mani, G., Wenke, J., Agrawal CM., “Endothelial Cell Behavior on Gas Plasma Treated PLA Surfaces: the Roles of Surface Chemistry and Roughness”, J. Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, 5(4) 301-312, 2011.

Mani G, Macias CE, Feldman MD, Marton D, Oh S, Agrawal CM. "Delivery of Paclitaxel from Cobalt-Chromium Alloy Surfaces Without Polymeric Carriers", Biomaterials, 31: 5372-5384, 2010.

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Torres N, Oh S, Appleford M, Dean DD, Jorgensen JH, Ong JL, Agrawal CM, Mani G. "Effect of Sterilization Methods on the Stability of Anti-bacterial Self-Assembled Monolayers on Hydroxyapatite". Acta Biomaterialia, 6(8), 3242-3255, 2010.

Mani G, Feldman MD, Patel D, Agrawal CM. Coronary stents: a materials perspective. Biomaterials. 2007 Mar;28(9):1689-710.

Lavery LA, Higgins KR, Lanctot DR, Constantinides GP, Zamorano RG, Athanasiou KA, Armstrong DG, Agrawal CM. Preventing diabetic foot ulcer recurrence in high-risk patients: use of temperature monitoring as a self-assessment tool. Diabetes Care. 2007 Jan;30(1):14-20.

Mahapatro A, Johnson DM, Patel DN, Feldman MD, Ayon AA, Agrawal CM. The use of alkanethiol self-assembled monolayers on 316L stainless steel for coronary artery stent nanomedicine applications: an oxidative and in vitro stability study. Nanomedicine. 2006 Sep;2(3):182-90.

Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at The University of Texas at San Antonio

Peter Flawn Professor of Biomedical Engineering at The University of Texas at San Antonio

Dean, College of Engineering


Ph. D. Materials Science (M.E.), Duke University, 1989

M. S. Mechanical Engineering, Clemson University, 1985

B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering, Indian Inst. of Technology, 1982



Phone: 210-458-4110