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Alex Bokov, Ph.D.

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During Dr. Alex Bokov's Ph.D. training in physiology, he delved further and further into statistics and bioinformatics. He went on to do post-doctoral training in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio. 

Part of this time, he worked after hours to complete a second post-graduate degree, an M.S. in Applied Statistics. His cross-disciplinary training, further augmented by over a decade of practical programming and database experience, gives him the unique ability to help bridge the gap between biology, statistics, and scientific computing, helping facilitate more powerful experimental design, valid statistical analysis, and biologically relevant interpretation of results. 

In January 2014, he transitioned the Clinical Informatics Research Division where he built our flagship EMR data warehouse and, as Deputy Chief, helped Dr. Tirado-Ramos build a top-notch biomedical informatics team.

Selected Publications

Bokov A, Tirado-Ramos A, Bos, Angela B., Chen, Catherine, Manuel, Laura S. Denormalize and Delimit: How not to Make Data Extraction for Analysis More Complex than Necessary Procedia Computer Science 2016 May;80:1033-1041.

Zhang Y, Liu Y, Walsh M, Bokov A, Ikeno Y, Jang YC, Perez VI, Van Remmen H, Richardson A. Liver specific expression of Cu/ZnSOD extends the lifespan of Sod1 null mice Mech Ageing Dev 2016 Mar;154:1-8.

Mishur, RJ, Khan, M., Munkcsy, E., Sharma, L., Bokov, A., Beam, H., Radetskaya, O., Borror, M., Lane, R., Bai, Y., and Rea, S. Mitochondrial Metabolites Extend Lifespan Aging Cell 2016 Jan;.

Bai X, Wey MC, Fernandez E, Hart MJ, Gelfond J, Bokov AF, Rani S, Strong R, Bokov A. Rapamycin improves motor function, reduces 4-hydroxynonenal adducted protein in brain, and attenuates synaptic injury in a mouse model of synucleinopathy Pathobiol Aging Age Relat Dis 2015 Aug;5:28743-28743.

Sataranatarajan K, Ikeno Y, Bokov A, Feliers D, Yalamanchili H, Lee HJ, Mariappan MM, Tabatabai-Mir H, Diaz V, Prasad S, Javors MA, Choudhury GG, Hubbard GB, Barnes JL, Richardson A, Kasinath BS. Rapamycin increases mortality in db/db mice, a mouse model of type-2 diabetes. Oct 5. pii: glv170. [Epub ahead of print] J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci 2015 Jan;.

Fok W.C., Livi CB, Bokov A, Yu Z., Chen Y, Richardson AG, Perez VI. Short-term rapamycin treatment in mice has few effects on the transcriptome of white adipose tissue compared to dietary restriction Mech Ageing Dev 2014 Sep;140:23-29.

Fok, Wilson C, Bokov A, Gelfond JA, Yu, Zhen, Zhang Y, Doderer, Mark, Chen Y, Javors MA, Wood, William, Zhang, Yongqing, Becker, Kevin G, Richardson AG, Perez, Viviana I. Combined treatment of rapamycin and dietary restriction has a larger effect on the transcriptome and metabolome of liver Aging Cell 2014 Apr;13(2):311-319.

Pan H, Qin K, Guo Z, Ma Y, April C, Gao X, Andrews TG, Bokov A, Zhang J, Chen Y, Weintraub ST, Fan J-B, Wang D, Hu Y, Aune GJ, Lindsey ML, Li R. Negative elongation factor controls energy homeostasis in cardiomyocytes Cell Reports 2014 Mar;7(1):79-85.

DEB Faculty Instructor

Epidemiology & Biostatistics


M.S., Applied Statistics, University of Texas San Antonio , 2014

Ph.D., Physiology, The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, 2008

B.S., Cellular and Molecular Biology, University of Michigan, 2001



Phone: (210)562-4106