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Alexander J.R. Bishop, D. Phil.

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Dr. Alexander Bishop's lab is aimed at understanding the contribution of different genes to genomic instability and the role of such instability in development, aging and carcinogenesis. 

Strategies used include RNAi knockdown, transgenic over-expression and both constitutive and conditional knock-out models in a variety of systems including Drosophila tissue culture, mammalian tissue culture and mouse models. 

The central question addressed in the laboratory is what is the effect on genomic stability of modulating a gene particularly after exposure to a carcinogenic agent. We assess genomic instability by measuring homologous recombination (HR) or following the machinery involved in this process. 

HR repair is a significant component of the cellular repair process in a replicating cell, and most importantly, responds to the widest variety of DNA damages, from oxidative stress, alkylation damage, bulky adducts on DNA as well as cross-links and ionizing radiation.

Selected Publications

Brown AD, Sager BW, Gorthi A, Tonapi SS, Brown EJ, Bishop AJ. ATR Suppresses Endogenous DNA Damage and Allows Completion of Homologous Recombination Repair. PLoS One. 2014 Mar 27;9(3):e91222.

Lee IH, Kawai Y, Fergusson MM, Rovira II, Bishop AJ, Motoyama N, Cao L, Finkel T. Atg7 modulates p53 activity to regulate cell cycle and survival during metabolic stress. Science. 2012 Apr 13;336(6078):225-8.

Brown AD, Claybon AB, Bishop AJ. A conditional mouse model for measuring the frequency of homologous recombination events in vivo in the absence of essential genes. Mol Cell Biol. 2011 Sep;31(17):3593-602.

Ravi D, Chen Y, Karia B, Brown A, Gu TT, Li J, Carey MS, Hennessy BT, Bishop AJ. 14-3-3 σ expression effects G2/M response to oxygen and correlates with ovarian cancer metastasis. PLoS One. 2011 Jan 10;6(1):e15864.

Ravi D, Wiles AM, Bhavani S, Ruan J, Leder P, Bishop AJ. A network of conserved damage survival pathways revealed by a genomic RNAi screen. PLoS Genet. 2009 Jun;5(6):e1000527.

Associate Professor

Cell Systems and Anatomy/GCCRI


D. Phil., Natural Sciences, Oxford University, England, 1998

B.S., Biological Sciences, Leicester University, England, 1993



Phone: (210) 562-9060

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