Please note: The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio will now be called "UT Health San Antonio."

Upcoming Events

F-Troop Grant Writing Workshop

Recurring Event

Conversations with Alumni Career Series: Law, Academia and Military

Recurring Event

The Graduate Student Association will be hosting a Conversations with Alumni Series. Food will be provided during the sessions and students can ask alumni questions about their career paths as well as advice on their fields.

Family Day

UT HEALTH SAN ANTONIO FAMILY FUN DAY will be a two-hour fun filled event with food trucks, booths, activities, games, etc on Saturday, March 30 from 11-1. The goal is to strengthen the connection to campus by encouraging significant others, children, parents, siblings, relatives and friends to come enjoy a day that will showcase our university.

Voices Student Event

Students will enjoy a free dinner, play a round of networking bingo, and listen to student speakers from each of the five schools.

Student Speakers

Charles Ratcliff – School of Health Professions
Michael Bounajem- School of Medicine
Daniel Chitty- School of Dentistry
Natasha Bakunda- School of Nursing
Tara Barron- Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Sweta Mishra, PhD, CSA Alumna - Seminar

The invited speaker for our CSA departmental spring 2019 seminar series on Tuesday 16 April will be Dr. Sweta Mishra. The title of her seminar is “Cross talk between lysine-modifying enzymes regulates site-specific copy number amplifications.” 

Sweta, an alum of the Cellular & Structural Biology Graduate Program, was a student in the IMGP Cell & Molecular Medicine Track in Dr. LuZhe Sun’s lab. While in our program, Sweta received many awards including the first Rennels Memorial Award for Excellence in Graduate Studies given by the department, a Translational Science Training (TST) Scholar Award from the IIMS, an American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Translational Science Training Workshop Award and a Cold Spring Harbor Lab Travel Award to attend a Stem Cells Workshop in 2012. She published five papers with Dr. Sun, four as the first author.

Upon graduation in summer 2014, Sweta joined the lab of Johnathan Whetstine, PhD, Tepper Family MGH Research Scholar at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Cancer Center and Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School in October 2014 as a postdoctoral fellow. Sweta, who since received an American Lung Association (ALA) Postdoctoral Fellowship Award and a MGH Tosteson Postdoctoral Fellowship Award, has been very productive and published a first author Cell paper in August of last year.

Please save the date and join us in welcoming Sweta back to the department and celebrating one of ours!