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Lindsay Bira, Ph.D.

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As a clinical researcher and creative thinker, Dr. Lindsay Bira combined her training and interests by launching her own business ( during her postdoctoral residency. She is a writer, speaker, and consultant in San Antonio and has used professional branding and social media to help her connect with her community. She also specializes in treating combat-related posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) through STRONG STAR PTSD Research Consortium.

Career Path

I began doctoral work with trauma survivors in 2009 and realized that treatments for PTSD can be very effective. During that time, I was also working with people with chronic medical conditions, and observed how prolonged high levels of stress and lack of self-care can lead to very real health consequences. Following these clinical research interests, I completed my Ph.D. with residency in affiliation with Harvard Medical School. 

I’ve known for a many years that I wanted to face the unknowns to create a career that is outside of the box -- it’s important to me to do work that I truly enjoy while also keeping things fresh and using alternative methods to reach new audiences. My training background gave me a platform from which I was able to start my own business focused on community and corporate health and wellness, and I plan to continue to take my interests in new directions. Through taking leaps of faith and facing fears, I’ve learned that paths begin to carve themselves once you start on them and often lead to things you would never expect! 


Workshop/lecture on professional branding/social media; host discussion on venturing outside the career box; brief mentoring one-on-one over coffee.

Philosophy of Life

I approach my work from a cognitive-behavioral standpoint, meaning I believe that we paint our own realities through the ways in which we choose to see things and how we behave in the world. By adjusting our thoughts and behaviors, we can change our experience of life. We often have more control over improving ourselves than we realize and it’s important to make sure we are living our lives well so that we feel fulfilled and happy. Based on these concepts, I try to challenge myself every day, because growing and learning never ends!

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Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry

Health & Wellness Coach,​


Ph.D., Clinical Health Psychology, University of Miami, 2014

Residency at Boston Consortium (Harvard Medical School & Boston University School of Medicine)

M.S., Psychology, University of Miami, 2011

B.S., Psychology, Texas State University, 2008