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Social Dance Classes: Salsa With Aaron

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Author: Aaron Marks Horning | Category: Around Campus | October 20, 2015

Are you a UT Health San Antonio graduate student and interested in learning social dances? Are you interested in meeting other students from other schools besides just the graduate school? 

Well the UT Health San Antonio Dance Group is putting on student-lead dance classes for free at Gold's Gym for all students! 

You can sign up now to learn great dances and meet other medical, dental and nursing students!

Be sure to sign up for salsa classes taught by graduate student, Aaron Marks Horning.

About This Class 

This is a free informal class held at Gold's Gym, starting October 27th. It is open to all The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio students, faculty, and their guests, and is done with the support of the UT Health San Antonio's School of Medicine's Wellness Initiative and is taught by  students. 

The main purpose of this class is to allow students and faculty from all studies at UT Health San Antonio to get to know each other, have fun, and sample a variety of different dance styles in a social atmosphere. As such, the class will focus more on improvisation, variety, and having fun; and less so on the technical and competitive details. 

It is designed for beginners with no experience dancing, but intermediate and experienced dancers can also expect to learn something new while meeting fellow dancers. Friends are always welcome, but keep in mind that we will be rotating partners every few minutes (so you'll have to share!) 

Please realize that you need a Gold's Gym membership (already covered if you are a student) in order to be allowed into Gold's. Gold's gym does allow you to bring guests as long as a wavier is signed at the front desk. 

Shoes and Attire

Closed-toed shoes and clothing that you are comfortable moving/spinning around in. Shoes should be smooth-soled if possible. For women, heels/cowboy boots are fine as long as you feel comfortable moving in them. Please make sure your shoes do not mark the floors in Studio 1. 


Outings are a great way to apply everything you learned in class and dance with your fellow classmates! There will be outings (listed on the schedule) for the more popular styles. Come out with your classmates, indulge, and show off your new moves! 

Location and Schedule 

This class is held in Studio 1 in Gold's Gym Medical Center on the following days.

Week 1 - October 27th, Tuesday @ 8:40pm - Social Dance Foundation and Texas Two-Step (Bill)

Week 2 - November 3rd, Tuesday @ 8:40pm - Two-Step, Country Waltz, and Basic Dips (Bill) 

Week 2 - November 6th, Friday @ 7:40pm - Bollywood Choreography (Preeti) --Country Outing to Cowboys Dance Club on Saturday, November 7th

Week 3 - November 13th, Friday @ 7:40pm - Salsa and Merengue (Aaron) --Salsa Outing to Arjon's on Friday, November 13th

Week 4 - November 17th, Tuesday @ 8:40pm - Hip-Hop Choreography (Elizabeth and Farhana) 

Week 4 - November 19th, Thursday @ 7:40pm - Salsa and Bachata (Aaron)

Week 5 - December 1st, Tuesday @ 8:40pm - Contemporary (Isabelle)

About the Instructors 

Aaron: On the sunny beaches of San Diego, California this unassuming non-latino picked up some spicy salsa dancing moves. Though he's never competed, he's won many hearts and he'll teach you how as well. Aaron will show you that salsa, though appears to be intimidating, is really just all about having fun.

Preeti: I'm an MS1 who danced on a Bollywood fusion dance team for three years in undergrad. I look forward to teaching and dancing with you all this year! Email: 

Elizabeth: I'm a third year medical student with a dance background in ballet, jazz, and hip-hop. This will be my fourth time teaching the hip-hop class and I'm very much looking forward to dancing with y'all! E-mail: 

Farhana: I'm a second year medical student. I started off with ballet and jazz in high school, got into Bollywood during my college years and now learning hip hop in medical school.

Isabelle: I'm a MS1 with a dance background in ballet, jazz, hip-hop, modern, and contemporary. I started dancing when I was 5 years old, and I continued until I graduated high school. This will be my second time teaching a class at UT Health San Antonio, and I'm very excited to dance with y'all! 

Bill: I'm a MS4 and have been dancing for fun with UT Social dance and competed with Texas Ballroom for the past two years. 

To me, there are infinite ways to dance - dance should be about the connection you feel with your dance partner. I know over 20 different dance styles and started this class as a way to share social dance with others. This will be the fifth time I have taught this dance at UT Health San Antonio and I've got some crazy ideas going forward. You can e-mail any questions to me at 


Join the UT Health San Antonio Dance Facebook group at:

Sign Up

Sign up for  Also, keep in mind that some of the later classes will build on and use terms from earlier ones." target="">each week individually. This is to allow you to skip weeks when you have a scheduling conflict. If you already know a style, I still encourage you come so you can help others and show off your skills for the class smile Also, keep in mind that some of the later classes will build on and use terms from earlier ones.

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