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Suleman Hussain: Developing Skills To Succeed Through the ASPET Mentoring Network program

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Author: Suleman Hussain | Category: Beyond The Bench | Physiology & Pharmacology | Physiology and Pharmacology | March 25, 2016

Suleman Hussain, graduate student in the Department of Pharmacology was recently accepted into The American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET) Mentoring Network program. He is mentored by Dr. Addanki P. Kumar.

1) In your words, what is the Mentoring Network Program?

The ASPET Mentoring Network program provides career guidance to graduate students and postdocs. 

Keeping in mind our future goals, a faculty coach will be assigned to each student, who will provide guidance and help us develop skills to succeed both professionally and personally. 

We will be meeting our faculty coach at the Experimental Biology meeting and they will also be in touch through group phone/ skype throughout the year.

2) Why are you excited to be part of this program?

My long-term career goal is to be involved in drug discovery and development research in the pharmaceutical industry which will benefit cancer patients. 

I believe that joining the ASPET Mentoring Network will give me the guidance to answer questions related to my future such as ‘Should I do an academic or industrial postdoc or start working in the industry directly?’,‘What are the hurdles I might face being an international student?’ and ‘What are the skill-sets which I should develop for a successful industry career?' 

I am hoping that joining this network will help me get in touch with mentors from the industry and will give me first-hand guidance.

3) I know that you also got a travel award to the Experimental Biology conference in San Diego, what part of the conference are you most looking forward to?

I am excited to present my research findings at the Experimental Biology conference and receive feedback from pioneers in the field. 

I am also looking forward to attend educational sessions on pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism, which are research areas I want to explore in the future. 

Also, the newly formed cancer discovery group in ASPET, is an excellent opportunity to network.

4) How will this program help you as a graduate student?

As I am nearing the end of my graduate program, this program will give me the necessary guidance to move to to the next step. 

I am hoping that the connections I make will broaden my horizons and expose me to new opportunities.

The "Beyond The Bench" series features articles written by students and postdoctoral fellows at the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio. 

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