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Students Learn About History of Chocolate From Chocollazo’s Owner

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Author: Charlotte Anthony | Category: Of Interest | December 18, 2017

Mary Collazo, owner of Chocollazo, came to campus to teach students about the history of chocolate and how to decorate chocolate truffles in time for the holidays. Mary gave a brief overview about how the cacao bean is used for chocolate as well as the differences between white, dark, and milk chocolate.

"Is white chocolate really chocolate? I think it is. It is made from the cacao butter not cacao bean but you still need the cacao tree to make it," she explained to students.

She also gave tips about how to melt chocolate.

"Most people think that they should use chocolate chips but chocolate chips are designed not to melt which makes it less than optimal when you are trying to melt chocolate, I recommend using a chocolate bar. You could even just get a Hershey's chocolate bar and melt it down and that would be a better alternative."

During the event, students were able to decorate two chocolates using edible paint which is the same kind that Mary uses in her chocolate shop, Chocollazo. 

Here are some photos of the event. 

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