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San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium Mentioned in News

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Author: GSBS | Category: In The News | January 05, 2017

The San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium which occurred Dec. 6 to 10 is an international symposium directed primarily towards physicians and researchers involved in breast cancer in medical, surgical, gynecologic, and radiation oncology, as well as other appropriate health care professionals. It is estimated that around 7,500 attendees attended from more than 90 countries.

According to the KSAT article, "this year’s symposium sets itself apart from the past on one issue: survivorship. More of the conference is devoted to the issue because more patients are living more years and more of them are surviving the disease."

The San Antonio Express-News mentioned that four major trends were covered at the symposium.

1) Targeted Therapy--Researchers are developing therapies to target specific molecules or pathways that tumors are dependent on and to kill it that way.

2) Manipulating The Immune System--Doctors are now developing medications that can manipulate the immune system to attack cancer cells.

3) Liquid Biopsies--Doctors can now perform biopsies through blood samples to identify genetic mutations in the DNA or RNA in the blood around the tumor.

4) Duration Of Therapy--Clinical trials are being studied to evaluate potential side effects and drug resistance. 

To read a write up of last year's conference by graduate student Cathy Samaoya, read here. For more information, visit

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