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Pressing News: Postdoc Series From Nature

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Author: Charlotte Anthony | Category: In The News | March 12, 2015

Nature has a new series of blog posts by Julie Gould about postdoctoral research positions, exploring what they are, what options researchers have and where postdocs go next.

The first part of the series, "Insights, Options, Careers," is about Dr. Vita Godec from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia who now works as a scientist in Drug Product Development of Biopharmaceuticals at Lek, a Sandoz company based in Slovenia. The article explains that around 90 percent of postdocs leave academia.

The second article in the series, "What is a Postdoc," argues that "postdocs are stepping-stones in a career, not a final destination." Articles about the life of a medical postdoctoral researcher has drawn quite a bit of media attention. 

In October 2014, the Boston Globe wrote a piece, "Glut of postdoc researchers stirs quiet crisis in science" where they highlighted that "postdocs are a critical part of the scientific landscape...— they are both future leaders and the workers who carry out experiments crucial for science to advance."

Do you agree? What are your thoughts? 

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