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The Incoming Class Needs Your Help

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Author: Dr. Nicquet Blake | Category: Opportunities | May 12, 2017

Dear GSBS Students:

The 2017 graduate class has now been formed and there are a bunch of new students who will be joining the GSBS family, some as early as July 1st. It is now time to connect our incoming students with TRANSITION PEER MENTORS (this would be you).

The TRANSITION PEER MENTOR program is designed to assist incoming students transition to San Antonio. Essentially, current GSBS students will be “paired” with ONE incoming student based on common factors: e.g. if I have a student coming in from El Paso, then I may try to pair this person with a student who is from El Paso. Or if I have a student that’s coming from Case Western, I might pair that person up with a current GSBS student whose alma mater is Case…

Once paired, current students would make themselves available (generally via email) to answer simple questions and help point students in the “right” direction. Questions like, where do I go grocery shopping? Which apartments should I be looking at? What are my insurance options as a student? How should I register? Where do I turn in my immunization form?

If you are interested in helping our incoming students by serving as a transition peer mentor, please fill out this online form so that we can make appropriate arrangements.

As always, I appreciate your enthusiasm and look forward to your supporting this effort.

Thank you.

Nicquet Blake, Ph.D.

Housing Feedback

Each year we ask our first-year students to provide a review of their current housing options (see 2016 list here) with valuable feedback that will help the new (2017) cohort think carefully about where they will live when they get to grad school. Many students, including yourselves, have told us how helpful this information was during their transition.

In keeping with the spirit of paying it forward, we would like for you to submit a review of your current apartment/housing. As with the previous cohorts we plan to distribute a handout of apartment complexes in the area. If you’d like to recommend your place, or even inform others to avoid it, please fill out this form no later than Monday, May 29th.

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