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Pancreatic Cancer From Mouse To Man: Medicine’s Next Big Thing?

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Author: Charlotte Anthony | Category: In The News | July 24, 2018

Dr. Bruno Doiron was featured in the Ivanhoe News article, " Pancreatic Cancer From Mouse To Man," for his work with pancreatic cancer. Dr. Doiron is developing a new technology that allows pancreatic tumors in mice to develop with the same traits as human pancreatic cancer.

“I use the mutation found in pancreatic cancer found in humans so that mimics more randomly what’s happening in the cancer development.” Doiron said.

Doiron injects a modified virus into the mouse. That virus delivers two human cancer genetic mutations into the mouse pancreas. The human-like cancers that develop give researchers an effective way to test new drugs. It’s a finding that’s applauded by patients like Davila.

“Without that how can we find a treatment for the cancer that we have.” Davila said.

A U.S. patent is pending on the gene delivery technology developed by Doiron.

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