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New Career Advisory Council Member: Dr. Lindsay Bira

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Author: Charlotte Anthony | Category: Career Development | May 04, 2015

Dr. Lindsay Bira, a clinical researcher and creative thinker has recently joined the Career Advisory Council.

The Career Advisory Council is led by Dr. Teresa Evans through the Office of Career Development at UT Health Science Center in San Antonio.

In addition to her work as a postdoctoral clinical research interventionist at STRONG STAR PTSD Research Consortium, Dr. Bira is also a Health & Wellness coach through her website.

“My training background gave me a platform from which I was able to start my own business focused on community and corporate health and wellness, and I plan to continue to take my interests in new directions,” said Dr. Bira.

Dr. Bira explained that she began self-branding to develop her business while doing her postdoctoral residency.

“I’ve realized that one of my strengths is being the liaison between the research world and the public, helping to engage others in order to distribute complex and important information in a digestible and meaningful way,” she said. “I am currently using social media as a space to promote my initiative and disseminate information I feel passionate about, information that may not otherwise be accessed by others.”

Dr. Bira is looking forward to being part of the Career Advisory Council to help share her knowledge on professional branding and social media and also to host discussions on venturing outside the career box.

“Through taking leaps of faith and facing fears, I’ve learned that paths begin to carve themselves once you start on them and often lead to things you would never expect.”

To read Dr. Bira's tips on professional social media and self-branding for graduate students, click here

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