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Need $10,000?

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Author: Sophia E. Piña, PhD | Category: Around Campus | August 08, 2014

Two annual student research fellowships rotate among 10 UT institutions benefiting both an academic and health science center institution each year. This year is our year! The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences will be offering a graduate student conducting high impact research that could benefit the State of Texas the opportunity to compete for $10,000 to be used toward their research and educational endeavors. The awardee will then be part of an elite group of students known as the Jess Hay Chancellor’s Fellows. This unique fellowship was established by former Regent Jess Hay who was appointed by Governor Dolph Briscoe in 1977 and served two consecutive terms on the Board of Regents from 1977-1989 and as Chairman of the Board from 1985-1987. Considered a financial wizard, Jess Hay, a visionary and a strong proponent of Texas and higher education believed, “…that high quality basic research produces good applied research…and that applied research in turn will produce more jobs and more revenues to sustain our prosperity.” Thus, this endowment is evidence of such a vision.

Dr. Weiss, Dean of the Graduate School stated "This is a really unique and powerful award. A student will have a substantial pot of money with which to develop their own career. For example, they could attend specialized scientific meetings or even adapt some new technology in the laboratory for their research project. The possibilities are endless. I wish this was not just every few years. We could use more of these types of award mechanisms in our graduate school."

Applications will be accepted from students conducting high quality research who enrolled in a doctoral program in the GSBS in 2011 or 2012 and have advanced to candidacy. Check your email for more information and deadlines.

Interview with Jess Hay June 1, 2007.

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