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Meet Your Graduate Student Association Officers

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Author: Charlotte Anthony | Category: Around Campus | Cell Biology, Genetics and Molecular Medicine | M.D./Ph.D. | September 05, 2018

What is the GSA?

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is a student-led organization with the goal of unifying the graduate student body, providing workshops and guidance, advocating for student issues, and sponsoring activities and events to enhance student life.

Who is in the GSA?

If you’re a grad student, you’re in the GSA! Attend our monthly meetings and keep an eye out for our flyers and emails to stay in touch with the community and get involved. The GSA is led by the GSA officers, who are responsible for the organization, function, and communication of all GSA affairs. The GSA officers are elected every year.

What does the GSA do?

The current GSA objectives are:

- Build a stronger sense of community within the graduate school

- Provide a platform to discuss student interests and concerns

- Facilitate student involvement in the affairs of the GSBS

- Expand representation of graduate programs and disciplines

- Provide students with better access to knowledge of career pathways and opportunities

How do I get involved?

The GSA is turning a corner in expanding its leadership and representation. Join the GSA in helping enrich student life while gaining experience and building your resume. The GSA needs people interested in mentoring students, organizing events, and reaching out to underrepresented students. Come to our meetings to nominate representatives, vote for officers, and voice your ideas and concerns!

The current GSA bylaws can be found here.

President – Larry Broome

Larry E. Broome is originally from Houston Texas. He received a Bachelor in Science in Biological Sciences at the University of Houston. He is a currently a second-year student in the Cell Biology, Genetics, & Molecular Medicine discipline of the Integrated Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. program where he is working with Dr. LuZhe Sun.



Vice-President – Nema Bassiri

 Nema Bassiri is a student in the Radiological Sciences Ph.D. program in the Therapy Physics track. He is working with Dr. Karl Rasmussen and Dr. Neil Kirby.





Treasurer - Cassandra Leonardo

Cassandra Leonardo is a dual degree student in the South Texas Medical Scientist Training Program. She is currently working with Dr. Peter Fox to determine the influence of genetic factors on the functional connectivity within the default mode network of the aging brain.




Secretary – Rob Seaman

Robert Seaman received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from a small college called Canisius College in his hometown of Buffalo, New York in 2015. He was very involved in his undergraduate institution and founded a club whose aim was to bridge the gap between undergraduate and graduate school. Additionally, he served on the student senate among many other organizations. He then received a Master of Science in Pharmacology and Toxicology from The University at Buffalo in 2017. Following completion of his master's degree, he moved to San Antonio and is currently a student in the Integrated Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. program where he is working for Dr. Gregory Collins studying behavioral pharmacology in the context of addiction.

Student Ambassador- Simon Levy

After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences and Technologies in his native Switzerland and a year-long industry internship in Israel, Simon Levy moved to Boston to complete a Master of Science degree with a neuroscience focus. His master's thesis work under the supervision of Dr. Ole Isacson focused on Parkinson's Disease. After two years in Boston, he moved to San Antonio to pursue a Ph.D. in Integrated Biomedical Sciences at UT Health San Antonio, where he is currently developing a Drosophila model of prion-like tau propagation in the laboratory of Dr. Bess Frost.

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