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Dr. Guangming Zhong: Curing Chlamydia Through the Gut: Medicine’s Next Big Thing?

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Author: Charlotte Anthony | Category: In The News | Cell Biology, Genetics & Molecular Medicine (CGM) | Infection, Inflammation & Immunity (Triple-I) | June 26, 2018

Guangming Zhong, MD, PhD, was featured on KSAT 12 & for his research with chlamydia.  

Using mice in a controlled setting, Dr. Zhong and fellow researchers studied chlamydia transmission. They discovered that where the bacteria develops in the body makes a difference.

“We have strong evidence showing that if you expose the chlamydia in the gut first, you essentially have vaccination against subsequent chlamydia exposure,” Dr. Zhong said. 

But researchers say if the genital tract is exposed to chlamydia first, the disease develops, and can be harmful. Dr. Zhong says researchers are exploring the idea of someday delivering chlamydia bacteria as an oral vaccine. Meaning this STD with hidden dangers, shame and a serious stigma, might someday be eliminated and spare others the uncomfortable conversation that follows the diagnosis.

Read more from the full article, "Curing Chlamydia Through the Gut: Medicine's Next Big Thing?"

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