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Graduate Student Association’s Chili Well-Loved At the Chili Cook-Off

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Author: Kristen Malloy | Category: Around Campus | Beyond The Bench | November 12, 2015

The graduate school team had a fantastic time at the 2015 SGA Chili Cook-off with two very well-received recipes. 

One of the recipes, by first year graduate students Ryan Daly and Ara Alexandrian, gathered a lot of attention due to its not-so-secret ingredient of crushed hot Cheetos. 

The Cheetos gave it a fiery hot look and taste that was enjoyed by the more daring attendees of the cook-off.

The other recipe was a more traditional chili that was made with a lot of heart and labor. It included homemade chili powder crushed from three different types of chilies and was cooked with the beef chuck bones in overnight to give it more depth of flavor. 

All of the spices were ground from the seeds and added slowly until they gave the chili just the right balance of kick and savoriness. 

Although neither chili won an award from the judges, they seemed very well-received by the crowd, who often came back for seconds or to bring some to their friends.

Third year graduate student and chili cook-off team member Cole Boggs said of the event “I loved seeing people’s reactions when they tasted the chili. I think you can tell a lot about a person based on whether they went for the hot-Cheetos recipe or the more traditional version.”

The team is already looking forward to next year’s cook-off. 

They plan to go bigger and fancier on presentation and they have a few other secret tricks up their sleeves that they think will “wow” the judges.

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