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Graduate School Launches a New Master’s in Personalized Molecular Medicine

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Author: Charlotte Anthony | Category: Around Campus | February 02, 2018

The Graduate School has launched a new graduate program, the Master of Science in Personalized Molecular Medicine.

 The Masters program in Personalized Molecular Medicine (PMM) will uniquely position new graduates to join the work force with the skills necessary to participate fully in the next generation of “patient-powered” research and treatment. The PMM program will train students in current personalized medicine approaches as well as teach students the knowledge and skills required to explore molecular medicine pathways that will be targeted in the future to expand and refine personalized treatment strategies. 

Personalized or Precision Medicine will be the norm for medicine in the future and the PMM program will ensure that graduates fully engage as active participants in the evolution of this approach to medicine. Students will gain foundational training in biological systems, molecular mechanisms, and cutting edge translational technologies.

Training will include next generation molecular technology to devise and implement personalized strategies to prevent and treat human diseases based on individual susceptibilities through the study of complex and integrated biological systems. Students will receive first-hand experience in the use of the latest technologies in next generation sequencing, single cell analysis, computational biology, epigenomics, proteomics, drug design, animal models of human diseases, systems approaches, as well as instruction in “mining” the multitude of human disease databases such as The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA). 

Programmatic faculty members participate actively in systems biology research focused on understanding a range of human disorders including cancer, developmental defects, hormone dysregulation, and metabolic disorders. Students will participate in didactic classroom instruction, team based learning, and hands-on laboratory training with a choice between a Thesis/Research or Course-Based plan of study.

For more information about the new program,  click here.

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