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Final Words: Dr. Shadzi Jebraeili

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Author: GSBS | Category: Final Words... | Dental Science (M.S.) | April 24, 2018

Your name, program, dissertation title.

Dr. Shadzi Jebraeili, Master of Science in Dental Sciences (Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics), Enamel Demineralization Inhibition Adjacent to Orthodontic Brackets Bonded with Pulpdent Activa Orthodontic Bonding Adhesive with MCP

Please tell me about yourself, why did you pick UT Health San Antonio, and your program.

I was born in Tehran, Iran, and moved to Toronto, Canada when I was 10 years old. I attended the University of Toronto for my Bachelor of Science degree, and graduated with high honors on the Dean’s List. I then moved to Flordia where I attended Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine, graduating at the top of my class. I chose to continue my education at UT Health San Antonio due to its excellent reputation. It was important to me to situate myself in a program where I can be surrounded by intellectual and knowledgeable individuals from whom I could learn. I am currently finishing up my Orthodontic Residency program, and have been fortunate to gain a wealth of knowledge and expertise making me ready for the road ahead after graduation.

Please provide a few sentences summarizing your dissertation. What was the experience like for you?

My study was very fascinating to me as it directly related to my career as an Orthodontist. Orthodontists are continually faced with the challenges of having non-compliant patients with poor oral hygiene who are at risk for developing cavities. The initial lesions formed around the brackets are called white spot lesions, which can be very unaesthetic. My study focused on testing a new product to bond orthodontic brackets – Activa Orthodontic Bonding Adhesive with MCP – that could reduce the occurrence of white spot lesions around brackets. The results of the study were positive, indicating that the product can reduce the development of white spot lesions, at least in vitro. It was very exciting to realize these findings and I would be very interested in future studies that can test these effects in vivo.

Why are you passionate about your research topic? How did you first become interested in it?

I am passionate about my research topic because as an orthodontist, your goal is to improve the esthetics of the smile. However, when we are faced with the presence of white spot lesions due to non-compliance with oral hygiene, our goal for treatment becomes unachievable. This is why I was interested at looking into interventions that can help with this problem.

What has been the highlight of graduate school so far? Have you won any awards or have there been any achievements you’ve been proud of?

The highlight has really been the entire process of going through my research project. I put many hours and a lot of hard work into this project, and the best feeling was to be able to present it all to my committee. I have learned a lot along the process and have to thank Dr. Kevin J. Donly, Chair of the Department of Developmental Dentistry, for guiding me along the way.

What’s next?

I will be graduating soon, and my immediate plans after graduation are to enter an Orthodontic Associateship. As I have also always enjoyed teaching, I would love to find an opportunity to teach as part-time faculty as well.

Any advice for your fellow graduate students?

My advice to my colleagues is to enjoy the journey of life and to embrace the curveballs that you encounter. All of life is a process of growth, and the challenges we face only help us in that path. I wish all of my colleagues the best of luck in all their endeavors. 

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