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CEO of Explica Vip Sitaraman Joins Career Advisory Council

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Author: Charlotte Anthony | Category: Career Development | September 19, 2016

CEO of Explica Vip Sitaraman joins the Career Advisory Council

Sitaraman was a published scientist, venture-backed entrepreneur and college graduate by age 18. Sitaraman is behind Explica, a media site pioneering infographics as an easily-digestible medium to communicate complex topics, especially science. 

"I started a science blog called Draw Science when I was 16. 9 countries, countless meetings, a successful crowdfunding campaign, and two years later, I was getting wired my first investment for my C-Corporation," he said. 

Sitaraman would like to help graduate trainees by giving digital/remote seminars on science, infographics, entrepreneurship, and science communication. 

To learn more about the Career Advisory Council, watch the video below.

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