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Translational Science (Ph.D.)

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Two students in the news!

Author: GSBS | Category: In The News

Bianca Cerqueira and Lauren Cornell used the cash prizes they won on 11 different occasions to co-found San Antonio-based NovoThelium to develop a biotechnology process that aids in breast reconstruction surgeries.


Graduation 2017 Photos and Livestream

Author: GSBS | Category: Around Campus

Couldn't attend graduation? Check out some photos and watch the livestream of the 2017 GSBS Commencement.

Poornima mensinkai

Poornima Mensinkai: Dentistry Is A Blend of Art and Science

Author: GSBS | Category: Final Words...

Poornima Mensinkai has always wanted to blend the magic of fingers with logic of brain, so she choose dentistry as her profession, a blend of art and science.


Approaches to Zika Virus

Author: Ahsan Choudary | Category: Beyond The Bench

​Zika is a global threat to public health. In no particular order, here are critical actions that must be undertaken to combat the threat:​​


Lost in Translation: Politics, Science, and Bad Communication

Author: Ahsan Choudary | Category: Beyond The Bench

Most people hailed the March for Science a success. While the turnout was nearly as impressive as the event's intentions, Ahsan Choudary believes that it may hurt science.