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Egregious Scientists & Misconduct in Science: Responsible Conduct for Research Jeopardy

Category: Research Integrity

Postdoctoral trainees and graduate students joined in a game of Responsible Conduct for Research (RCR) Jeopardy as part of the March’s Spotlight on Research Integrity workshop.


The Ethics of Authorship in Scientific Publications: Who Wrote This Paper Anyway?

Category: Research Integrity

The seminar, “Who Wrote This Paper Anyway? The Ethics of Authorship in Scientific Publications,” reviewed the criteria for authorship along with tips on how to avoid authorship disputes.

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Science Reproducibility: Dr. Shai Silberberg

Dr. Silberberg lecture endeavors to improve the quality of science through the topic of “reproducibility.”

Category: Research Integrity

As a Program Director at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), Dr. Silberberg is dedicated to assisting the scientific community in their quest for funding. In addition to advising, Dr. Silberberg is also responsible for reviewing and recommending applications for funding to the Director of the Institute. He remarked that “[he] devote[s] much of [his] time to improving the rigor of science, a topic that in recent years has been coined ‘reproducibility’.”

Dr. lichtenstein 1

“Scientists Behaving Badly”

Category: Research Integrity

Most people see scientists as innovators and problem-solvers. They help to make everyone’s life easier and more full-filling, but what happens when these scientists don’t do what is expected of them? Attend Dr. Lichtenstein’s seminar to find out!