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How Does Oral Health Affect An Unborn Child?

Category: Final Words...

Master's in Dental Hygiene student Stacey Schramm researches the connection between oral health and pregnancy complications.

Melinda m. chiu

Why Healthcare Workers Don’t Ask About Childhood Abuse

Category: Final Words...

Master of Science in Dental Hygiene graduate student Melinda Chiu seeks to answer why healthcare workers don't ask about childhood abuse.

April turner fotor  small

Online Dental Hygiene Master’s Program Helps Alleviate Shortage of Dental Hygiene Faculty

Category: Of Interest

GSBS is proud to announce our first online program, the Master of Science in Dental Hygiene degree in collaboration with the School of Dentistry.

April turner fotor

Final Words for Pipette Gazette: April Turner & Dental Hygiene

Category: Final Words...

April Turner, a registered dental hygienist talks about her experience taking online classes for the Master of Science Dental Hygiene program at UT Health Science Center.

Ashley delgado pic

Congrats Ashley Delgado: Newest Graduate of the Dental Hygiene Program

Category: Final Words...

Congratulations Ashley Delgado, the newest graduate from the Dental Hygiene program.