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Career Advisory Council Member Guillermo Vela in the San Antonio Business Journal

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Author: Charlotte Anthony | Category: In The News | March 25, 2016

Career Advisory Council Member Guillermo Vela was recently featured in the San Antonio Business Journal for his company Nebulab Technologies's data management tool for scientists.

"As a company we talk about our goal of making research more efficient and transparent," said Vela, chief executive officer of Nebulab Technologies said in the article. "We realized it was important for us to take a scientific approach and put ourselves to the test."

Vela is working with UT Health Science Center researchers to openly test Nebulab's technology, and to explore better ways to help improve and facilitate data management for academic laboratories. 

He is also an active member of the Career Advisory Council, a group comprised of leaders in the biomedical science community of San Antonio offering insights and expertise to UT Health Science Center trainees. 

He recently led the "From The Bench To Business" workshop on March 15 where he explained how to write a winning job description. 

“Entrepreneurs can now start and run a company with a lot less capital and at greater speeds thanks to a wealth of resources that are available today. I’m not saying that starting a company is easy, but it is significantly easier today than it was ten years ago. And this no longer just applies to internet startups, but to biotech as well."

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