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Bringing the UT experience to a local elementary school

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Author: Alex Kirkpatrick | Category: Community Outreach | Opportunities | Immunology and Infection (M.S.) | April 19, 2017

Great science outreach opportunity for UT Health students to engage with elementary students at Gilbert Elementary as well as other UT schools.

Annually, Gilbert Elementary School takes its students to "Explore UT" in Austin, which is a large open house where students can explore the university campus and enjoy lots of hands on activities.

This year, the school was forced to cancel their trip due to inclement weather. Instead of waiting until next year to 'explore UT', the school is planning to bring UT to their own school on Saturday, April 22nd from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

This means all UT school are encouraged to participate and our school has been asked to help by either:

Setting up a station that is related to a specific subject area (ie: Science, Technology, Health, Education). DNA extraction anyone?

Setting up an information table where students can learn about opportunities at your school- most deptartments and the five different UTHSA school's have materials available for this

Volunteering to assist with the elementary school's preformed activity stations- great opportunity for those seeking volunteer hours

If you would like to participate in this great event, please contact Alex at as soon as possible.

Alex Kirkpatrick is a student in our Master in Science in Immunology and Infection program. She also serves as the Voelcker Bioscience Teaching Academy Graduate Student Outreach Representative. To read an article about Alex, click here

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