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Biomedical Engineering Graduate Students Visit Girls Inc. Eureka!

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Category: Community Outreach | Biomedical Engineering (M.S.) | Biomedical Engineering (Ph.D.) | April 24, 2018

Several months ago, graduate students in the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Society at San Antonio (BMEGS-SA) spent an evening with a group of Girls Inc. students. The event was such a success, for BMEGS-SA and Girls Inc., plans were made for another visit! 

On April 14th, BMEGS-SA visited a different program of Girls Inc., called the Girls Inc. Eureka! program. The Girls Inc. Eureka! program is designed to increase STEM education provided “to underserved girls and young women... enabling and empowering them to lead financially sound, productive lives and preparing them for the world of work.”

The event began with BMEGS-SA members sharing stories about their career paths and about graduate school with the 8th and 9th grade girls. 

Graduate students had advice on career choices, college applications, and high school classes. The girls also shared what their plans were for the future and asked members questions.

Following the career talk, Ngoni Madungwe, a member of BMEGS-SA, shared a little about his current research project, which deals with the heart. Then, with Ngoni and the other BMEGS-SA members as guides, the girls dissected sheep hearts. They were able to identify the atrium, ventricles, aorta, and the pulmonary artery and vein.

The girls were amazed to see and touch real “heart strings,” also known as the chordae tendineae. The dissection provided a hands-on learning opportunity, which the girls may not have had otherwise.

The day was enjoyed by all. Christina Jones, BMEGS-SA member, said, “It was very inspiring to be there to support young women interested in pursuing STEM careers. As a woman in science, it’s exciting to encourage and support the next generation of young scientists. These young women are very smart, ambitions, and excited for what’s ahead of them, and it was a great experience to share my store and my love of science with them.” 

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This article was written by Allison Boehme,  a first year M.S. Student in the Joint Biomedical Engineering Program between UTSA and UT Health San Antonio.

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