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Women in Science Group (WISDOM) Leadership Positions Available

Call for nominations for Vice President, Secretary, and Outreach Chair. To be eligible, you must be a student in the GSBS.

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Translational Omics Research Boot Camp at Purdue University

Purdue University will be hosting a boot camp on Translational Omics Research on June 2-11. No cost for tuition, lodging, and meals.

10 transferable skills all phd grads have

10 Transferable Skills All Ph.D. Graduates Have

Here are 10 skills that every PhD student learns that will serve you well in an industry position.

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Dr. Carla Zeballos Receives 2017 AACR Minority Scholar in Cancer Research Award

Carla is a recipient of a 2017 AACR Minority Scholar in Cancer Research Award as part of a program administered by the American Association for Cancer Research with funds provided by NCI.

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Meeting the Healthcare needs of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People

​The Office of Diversity & Student Professional Development in partnership with our campus PRIDE student organization, is hosting the 2017 annual “Out for Health” Summit this weekend.


Learn Hands-Only CPR in San Antonio

Learn CPR from medical students the weekend of February 11th and 12th.


Tips For Writing Grant Proposals

How do you get money? Well, you need to apply for grants and all sorts of bureaucracies that come with it, which limits a bit the time devoted to science itself.

Tips for female scientists

Tips For Female Scientists

The Women in Science: Development, Outreach, Mentoring group had their first launch event featuring guest speaker Dr. Susan Mooberry.


February is American Heart Month

February is American Heart Month and researcher Liz Fisher explains what you need to know.

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Don’t miss the next Women in Science event!

Join the Women in Science group for breakfast and a discussion about issues for women in the sciences.

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Dr. Leah Cannon Joins Career Advisory Council

Dr. Leah Cannon, content manager at the Life Science Network, has joined the Career Advisory Council.

Translational science

Applicants Sought for the Translational Science Training (TST) TL1 Program

Applications are being accepted for qualified Pre-Doctoral Candidates in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences for the Translational Science Training (TST) TL1 Program. Annual Stipend of $23,376 provided, plus other support.


Teaching Methods Course Available This Spring

If you know graduate school faculty, postdocs or graduate students who may be interested in TExAS, please let them know - we are taking registrations.

Top 10 things

Top 10 Things That Every Ph.D. Student Should Do At Least Once During Their Degree

At various points your Ph.D. will seem unattainable in the way that the summit of Everest, walking on the moon or becoming a billionaire seem unattainable to most of us.


Scholarships Available

Two scholarships to look into---the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) and the PEO Scholar Awards for women.


Still looking for VBTA Conference Volunteers

The Voelcker Biosciences Teacher Academy is looking for scientists to fill registration and room facilitator slots at the VBTA 7th Annual Spring Conference.

The value of your network

The Value of Your Network

Whether you are looking to stay in academia, work in a startup or move into a big company, one of the biggest assets you bring with you is your network.

How to fund your startup with grants

How to Fund Your Startup with Grants

10 tips to help you successfully apply for a grant to fund your early-stage company.

Tips for writing a phd thesis

Tips for Writing a Ph.D. Thesis

​Writing a 200-page Ph.D. thesis can seem like an insurmountable task. But there are ways to make writing a thesis easier and less painful.


Grad Dean’s Office Moves To Main Campus

The Graduate Dean’s Office will move back to the Long Campus after our 3 ½ year relocation to the STRF on the Greehey Campus.

Love run 5k

Love Run 5K

​Help support the American Heart Association - San Antonio and the UTHSCSA School of Nursing by joining the Love Run 5K on Saturday, Feb 4.

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Science Trivia Every 1st Thursday

San Antonio Science will be hosting a series of Science Trivia Nights on the first Thursday of every month at Ranger Creek's Tasting Room. 21+

Tgen postdoc

Postdoc Opportunities Available

Learn more about some postdoctoral fellowship opportunities.


Congratulations to Jeff, Nour, and Aaron!

​Congratulations to three of our students who placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the poster presentation at the annual symposium of the cancer center CTRC held last week!

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Farewell Reception For Janice Stong and Janice Smith

Join us for the farewell reception for Janice Stong and Janice Smith who will be retiring from the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences this year.

Art of science communication

Need Help Presenting Your Science?

"The Art of Science Communication" online course covers the skills, knowledge and mindset necessary to become a great presenter.

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Dr. Emily Boice Joins Career Advisory Council

Mind Science Foundation Communications and Program Director Dr. Emily Boice joins the Career Advisory Council.


2017 Presidential Awards Named

Congrats to faculty and staff for winning presidential awards!


What is it like to present at a TEDx Conference?

Dr. Lindsay Bira and Dr. Travis Block spoke to trainees about tips they learned while preparing for their Ted X talks.

Sarah lindauer

Sarah Lindauer Receives Debbie Yrle Distinguished Service Award

Sarah Lindauer, in the Department of Cell Systems and Anatomy was presented with the Debbie Yrle Distinguished Service Award.


Tips From A Wildly Productive Meeting

As you progress up the ranks of an academic institution, your days become increasingly full of MEETINGS.

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What I learned as a waitress, that still shapes my career

There are so many lessons that I learned along the way that I use regularly now in my professional career.

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First to Last and Back Again

Have you ever had the experience in life where you have felt just a step or two in front of your colleagues?

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Finding Your “What’s Next”

The idea of reinventing one’s self and career has been something that I have had to become very comfortable with as I have transitioned into my life after diploma.

Cynthia phelps

Founder and CEO, InnerAlly Inc. Joins Career Advisory Council

Dr. Cynthia Phelps, founder and CEO of InnerAlly, Inc., has just joined the Career Advisory Council.

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Women of Science Launch Event

​Don't miss the first launch event for the WISDOM group on Wednesday Jan. 25 at 4 p.m. in MED Room 309 L. Dr. Susan Mooberry will be the guest speaker.

Women in science group

Women In Science Group Forms at UT Health San Antonio

The statistics on women and underrepresented minorities (URMs) in science are depressing as a female graduate student.

Xiaojie yu

Xiaojie Yu Wins Award To Research Two Leading Causes of Cancer-Related Deaths

Cancer Biology student Xiaojie Yu just received a one-year 2016 Greehey Graduate Student Fellowship Award.

Grad party

Grad Student New Year Party

​The Graduate Student Association is inviting you to kick off the new semester with a Grad Student New Year Party!


Know Any Bands?

The UT Health River Parade is looking for a band.


Dr. Greg Aune Featured in Washington Post

​Dr. Greg Aune shares how he coped with being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma at the age of 16.

Breast cancer symposium

San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium Mentioned in News

The San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium was highlighted in news.

Ahsan choudary

Building The Next San Antonio Biotech Company

Translational Science Ph.D. student Ahsan Choudary plans to start his own biotech company.