Please note: The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio will now be called "UT Health San Antonio."

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Science Night Goes To Flatonia

In the furthest Science Night yet, trainees traveled to Flatonia to engage students with science.


American Football vs. Protecting our Brains

Football season is over, Concussion is out of theaters, and most people are ready to forget about head injuries.

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The Science Thing About Funny*

Dr. Jonathan Berman, MC for the World Record Attempt for the Largest Periodic Table of Elements, writes about humor in science.

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World’s Largest Periodic Table Event Brings San Antonio Schools Together

To promote the periodic table event, we are hosting an online mixed media competition for participating schools. Groups are encouraged to post photos and video of their element squares on the competition's Facebook page.

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BME Student Featured in UTSA’s “Meet A Roadrunner” Student Spotlight

UTSA and UTHSCSA joint graduate program in biomedical engineering student Mirunalini Thirugnanasambandam was recently featured in UTSA's "Meet A Roadrunner" student spotlight.

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Skeleton That Protects Brain Cells’ Control Center Is Found To Be Damaged

Dr. Bess Frost and two co-authors showed—for the first time—that lamin dysfunction can cause the death of brain cells, which are called neurons.


Funding Opp: IIMS Translational Science Training (TST) TL1 Program

Applications are now being accepted from students enrolled in a doctoral program in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences for the Translational Science Training (TST) TL1 Program.


San Antonio Gears Up For The World’s Largest Periodic Table

Come see the World's Largest Periodic Table on March 2nd from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at San Antonio’s Gustafson Football Stadium.

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Spring 2016 Pharmacology Seminar Schedule

The Pharmacology Spring Seminar Schedule features seminars from Dr. John Bruno, Dr. John Cryan, Dr. Anthony N. Van den Pol and many more.

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The Academic Learning & Teaching Center Is Now Open

The Academic Learning & Teaching Center Dedication included speeches by Mayor Ivy Taylor and Judge Nelson Wolff along with a self-guided tour and three floors of food.

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​Top 5 Transferrable Skills From Your Ph.D.

The Top 5 transferrable skills from your Ph.D. and graduate education to mention in your interview and on your C.V. and/or resume.