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Peter johnson

Planning your Professional Life with Dr. Peter Johnson

Dr. Peter Johnson, Executive Vice-President of Vancive Medical Technologies, traveled to San Antonio to talk to students at UTHSCSA about how he got where he is today, and what we should be doing now to prepare for our own career goals.

Office of career development logo

Smile You’re On Candid Camera

New technology has spurred a cultural reliance on relevant, accurate information. Science is no exception to this trend. New stations, newspapers, and online media outlets are seeking the expertise of scientists who are willing to give their professional opinions on scientific research, technology, and policy. Learn how to effectively communicate your science through a unique workshop scheduled for November 11, 2014.

Adam ruben jacket

A “Renaisscience” Man

Adam Ruben, Ph.D., is the keynote speaker of the first annual Graduate Student Association (GSA) Career Day. Dr. Ruben shatters the long held stereotype of the unapproachable, stoic-looking scientist. On the contrary, Dr. Ruben has been able to traverse a sizable gap between the scientific community and the rest of society. Ultimately, humor, storytelling, and writing have become Dr. Ruben’s channels in which he communicates about science.

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GSBS Career Day and the U.S. Patent and Trade Office Innovation Forum

Please register for this week’s exciting Career Development Events.

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Piñatas and Mariachis Galore! UTHSCSA Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Student members of SACNAS held an event to celebrate Hispanic heritage on October 15, 2014.

Internationa education week

Mark Your Calendars: International Education Week

International Education Week is a joint program between the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education. The purpose of this initiative is to encourage research initiatives abroad while also promoting the educational benefits of the United States to foreign students.


William Thomas Booth Scholars in Pharmacology

With gratitude, the Department of Pharmacology at the UT Health Science Center is proud to announce the William Thomas Booth Scholars in Pharmacology. These awards are generously supported by the William Thomas Booth Memorial Endowment Fund.


Cellular and Structural Biology Department Honors Dr. Laura Cox as 2014 Distinguished C&SB Alumnus

When it comes to your eating habits, your parents may have more influence over your food choices than you think. Dr. Laura Cox will be presenting research that has found evidence that a parent's genetics and diet may influence a child's overall health.

Dsc 3886

Science Reproducibility: Dr. Shai Silberberg

As a Program Director at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), Dr. Silberberg is dedicated to assisting the scientific community in their quest for funding. In addition to advising, Dr. Silberberg is also responsible for reviewing and recommending applications for funding to the Director of the Institute. He remarked that “[he] devote[s] much of [his] time to improving the rigor of science, a topic that in recent years has been coined ‘reproducibility’.”


Congrats Dr. Nooshin Mirkheshti: Newest Graduate of The GSBS Molecular Medicine Track Program

Dr. Nooshin Mirkheshti successfully defended her dissertation on September 18, 2014. The title of her thesis was "Targeting Prostate Cancer by Salinomycin and Vitamin D3: Roles of the mTOR Signaling and Androgen/Androgen Receptor Pathway". We asked Dr. Mirkheshti a few questions about her experiences as a doctoral student.

William moerner hs

Nobel Prize Winner William Moerner Hails from Jefferson High School

Three scientists recently were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, including Eric Betzig, Stefan Hell, and William Moerner. However, William Moerner stands out among the bunch because of his roots that travel all the way to Texas.

Portrait-medina jorge

Congrats Dr. Jorge L. Medina: Newest Graduate of the GSBS Microbiology and Immunology Track Program

Dr. Jorge Medina successfully defended his dissertation on September 29, 2014. The title of his thesis was "The Impact of Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Cards Toxin in Asthma Pathogens.” We then asked Dr. Medina a few questions about his experiences as a graduate student.


Come Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

This event is a great opportunity to meet new people, celebrate your culture, and appreciate the diversity of students at UTHSCSA!


GSBS Recognizes Students’ Honors and Awards

All of our students have varied interests and research areas, but one thing that they have in common is their drive for excellence. Amanda Galan, Dr. Karl Rodriquez, Shauna Hill, Ana Santoscoy-Chavez, and Tiffani Houston are just a few of the outstanding students that represent the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

Twitter bird logo 2012.svg

We Are Officially on Twitter: @UTHSCSA_GSBS

140 characters. Hashtags. The whole nine yards. We have finally joined the social media revolution called Twitter.


The Alamo City Hosting the 2014 BMES Meeting Oct. 22-25

Science is a dynamic discipline; it is constantly changing in response to new understanding, technology, and application. The 2014 BMES annual meeting will act as a central hub of collaboration as professional scientists, researchers, academics, and health care providers learn about recent developments in the biomedical engineering field. Students are encouraged to attend this meeting to understand the partnership between the various sectors of research, policy, business, and health in regards to biomedical engineering.


Rare Opportunity to Expand Your Knowledge of Innovation and Science Outreach

Leaders from our U.S. Patent and Trade Office will be discussing implications of our research findings in the world of innovation and science outreach.