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Emily boice

A Successful Meeting of Minds

Nearly 140 postdocs, faculty, students, staff & supporters from 4 San Antonio institutions gathered at the GGCRI last month to share an exciting range of research and hear an inspiring lecture on scientists being diplomats to affect change!

Nourhan name

Greehey Graduate Student Fellowship Awards: Nourhan Abdelfattah and Judy Chang

The Greehey Student Fellowship Award recognizes students researching childrens’ cancer within the Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute. This awards helps to assist student’s research by providing financial assistance through payment of tuition and fees as well as a student stipend.

Vinh dao

UT System Jess Hay Fellow: Vinh Dao

The steady increase in cancer diagnoses are being met with determined scientists who hope to discover new ways in which to treat or prevent this deadly disease. One such scientist includes, Vinh Dao, who is studying tumor immunology or the interactions of the immune system with cancer cells. His recent fellowship award will allow him to continue his research as well as share his progress with the international, scientific community.


Waiter, There’s a Drosophila in my Soup

The scientist, inventor, and perhaps modern day Renaissance man, Dr. Nathan Myhrvold, is taking the cooking sub-culture of Molecular Gastronomy to new dimensions.

Crystal archer

NIH Individual Fellowship Grant Recipient

Crystal’s F-31 grant will allow her to continue her research in the hopes of characterizing the interactions between KCNQ ion channels and other intra-cellular signaling molecules, which is pivotal in understanding the how these channels are regulated.

Sharon milgram

NIH Director Shares Passion for Career Development and Trainee Guidance

At a recent conference I had a rare chance to share a few moments with Dr. Sharon Milgram. She provided some priceless insights for the successful navigation into your career of choice.

Career day save the date

GSBS Career Day

Our Graduate Student Association (GSA) has coordinated this career day to expose students, trainees, etc. to the opportunities outside of academia. This is a day for YOU, so don't miss this chance to learn about new career pathways, network with industry professionals, and research the skills needed to be competitive in the workforce.

Ann stevens thumbnail

The power of reinvention. . .

Currently Ann Stevens is the President of BioMed SA, where she is responsible for bringing multiple segments of San Antonio’s healthcare and bioscience sector together to collaborate through initiatives that raise the industry’s profile and move the community forward. The mission of BioMed SA is to accelerate the growth and raise the visibility of what has become San Antonio’s leading industry.

Armand b. (dc)

Published on the cover of PLOS

Community acquired pneumonia (CAP) is a common respiratory illness, which if detected and treated early, causes few health complications. However, elderly individuals and individuals with weakened immune systems can develop a severe form CAP that can lead to severe sepsis and death. Cardiac complications are a common cause of death in approximately 20% of these individuals. Armand Brown, working in Dr. Carlos J. Orihuela’s lab, has been studying the interactions between Streptococcus pneumoniae and the heart during severe pneumonia. His article in the September issue of PLoS Pathogens details a remarkable discovery that can potentially improve the treatment of severe pneumonia.

Students science expo

Paying it Forward

“The Science Expo is a great opportunity to give back to the community, serve as a role model, and develop an activity that is fun for the students and rewarding for yourself.” -Cathy Samayoa

Banner ois c

Passport to Science: The Office of International Services (OIS)

Traveling to a new country can be daunting, especially when it involves leaving family and friends and taking on the challenge of pursuing a higher education. The Office of International Services (OIS) not only assists international students with the regulatory procedures involved with immigration, but also works to bring awareness and appreciation for different cultures and traditions.


Let’s Welcome Dr. Jacqueline Mok, Our New Vice President of Academic Affairs!

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Jacqueline Mok, a San Antonio native, to the UT Health Science Center community. She has worked in various capacities at The University of Arizona as well as The John's Hopkins University. We are hopeful that through Dr. Mok's leadership we will be able to bring the HSC's goals to fruition.

Dr. lichtenstein 1

“Scientists Behaving Badly”

Most people see scientists as innovators and problem-solvers. They help to make everyone’s life easier and more full-filling, but what happens when these scientists don’t do what is expected of them? Attend Dr. Lichtenstein’s seminar to find out!

Annebig  details-2

Seminar Showcase: Dr. Ann Salamone

The Biomedical Engineering Program is honored to welcome Dr. Ann Salamone, the President of Rochal Industries, as she presents a seminar this week.


Faculty and Student Discounts for World Stem Cell Summit 2014

The 2014 World Stem Cell Summit will be held in San Antonio, TX from December 3rd-5th, 2014, at the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter. The Genetics Policy Institute (GPI), a non-profit organization, is responsible for coordinating this event, and has graciously offered faculty and student discounts in response to the UT Health Science Center's sponsorship of the summit.

Dr. michael walsh

Congrats Dr. Michael Walsh: Newest Graduate of The Biology of Aging Track

Dr. Michael Walsh successfully defended his dissertation on September 3rd. The title of his thesis was “The Effect of the Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor Butyrate on Age-Related Muscle Atrophy”. In addition to asking Dr. Walsh a few questions, we asked his mentor, Dr. Holly Van Remmen, to comment on Dr. Walsh and his accomplishments.


Congrats Dr. Izhar Batth: Newest Graduate of the Cancer Biology Track

Dr. Izhar Batth successfully defended his dissertation on August 27th. The title of this thesis was “New Role for RON in Prostate Cancer”. In addition to asking Dr. Batth a few questions, we asked his mentor, Dr. Addanki Pratap Kumar, to comment on Dr. Batth and his accomplishments.

Dr. xiang bai

Congrats Dr. Xiang “Vicky” Bai: Newest Graduate of the Pharmacology Program

Dr. Xiang “Vicky” Bai successfully defended her dissertation on August 28th. The title of her thesis was “Mechanisms Underlying Therapeutic Effects of Rapamycin in a Mouse Model of Synucleinopathy”. We asked Dr. Bai to reflect on her experiences by asking her a few questions.