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Presidential gala

An Evening of Promise: 2014 Presidential Gala and Student Dance

This year’s Presidential Gala on Sept. 13th will honor Tom and Patricia Frost whose support has helped to further the mission of the UT Health Science Center. However, the festivities do not end there! A dance is to follow the Presidential Gala, and students are encouraged to come out and have some fun!


Seminar Showcase: Dr. Fernando Nottebohm

The Barshop Institute in association with the Center for Biomedical Neuroscience (CBN) are honored to welcome Dr. Fernando Nottebohm, a Dorothea L. Leonhardt Professor, as he presents two seminars this week.

Dsc05099 - copy

Need a Little Traveling Money?

​The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences is setting aside funds to help support travel to national and international meetings for all graduate students enrolled in a GSBS graduate program.

Pens and pipettes

Of Pens and Pipettes

This week we introduce Dr. Ivana Gadjanski, a Serbian bioengineer at the Fab initiative in Belgrade with interests in regenerative medicine and a well “versed” poet. We also hear from Dr. Michael Lichtenstein, Professor in the Department of Medicine, our own “poet-in-residence”, and Dr. Jerry Herlihy, a retired UT Health Science Center San Antonio Professor of Physiology with a poetic gift.

Gsa officers

Graduate Student Association First General Meeting

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) held their first general meeting, open to all students affiliated with the graduate school, this Wednesday, August 20. After an info-packed presentation, which included plans for the GSA to host the first biomedical career fair on October 30th and an even bigger Mikiten Research Forum in the spring, prizes were raffled, pizza was eaten, and students across programs, departments, and stages of graduate education mingled to get the scoop on life as a graduate student and meet new friends.

Dr. robert sapolsky

Local non-profit organization provides a unique opportunity to witness science communication

Do not miss this exciting opportunity to see a world-renowned scientist give a lecture to our local San Antonio community! Dr. Robert Sapolsky, leading scientist in the area of stress research, will be speaking as a part of the Mind Science Foundation Distinguished Lectureship Series next month.


Getting started with a BANG…Or is it a BINGO?

Friday ended a very busy week for the new GSBS students with a Meet and Greet of the GSBS staff, Convocation with faculty, and ending with a party "Under The Big Top!"


Joint Biomedical Engineering (BME) Program Begins Orientation Week

Master’s and PhD students in the BME program attend orientation in preparation for the 2014-2015 school year. With each new year comes new possibilities, and the recent BME orientation emphasized the many opportunities afforded to students in this unique program.

Xiaoban xin portrait

Catching Up With Our GSBS Alumni

As we kick off the new academic year, we hear from GSBS Cellular and Structural Biology (CSB) Alumni Xiaoban Xin who shares his thoughts on graduate school and life.

F-troop logo

F-Troop: A Proven Method for Trainee Grantsmanship Success

Dr. Linda McManus and her innovative fellowship grant writing workshop, F-Troop, continue to provide our trainees with a launching pad to NIH grantsmanship success. After googling the word F-Troop, I was surprised to find that a link to our institutions F-Troop webpage has risen to the number 4 link, right under Wikipedia, IMDb, and YouTube sites for the popular F-Troop TV series, which aired from 1965-1967. This is just one indication of the increasing popularity of this program and the resources provided for trainees.

Safari 4

Serotonin Safari

Nestled in the southwestern coast of South Africa, the Arabella Hotel and Spa is surrounded by the exotic scenery of the Bot River Lagoon and Kogelberg Mountains. The International Society of Serotonin Research (ISSR) chose this venue for the 11th ISSR Meeting: WCP satellite. Several of our faculty, Drs. Lyn Daws, Charles France and Julie Hensler attended this conference, which featured some of the leading serotonin researchers in the world, focusing on the role of serotonin in psychiatric illness, immune modulation, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity and addiction, as well as serotonin neuroanatomy, neuropharmacology and receptor function.


Turning science into news

Jennifer R. Lloyd, higher education and scientific research reporter for the San Antonio Express-News and Career Advisory Council member, gives advice on moving from the sciences into journalism.


Welcome Evelyn Head!

Please help us welcome our new Graduate School Intern!

Urm pic 3

The GSBS Welcomes 1st Year Students from Under-Represented Backgrounds

With smiles wide and hands extended, current students and faculty welcomed new graduate students into the GSBS Family, Friday, August 8th. Coordinators hoped that this event would allow new graduate students to connect with one another as well as reinforce the importance of underrepresented groups in the science community. Not only were new students able to mingle with current students, but they also had the opportunity to meet faculty members, departmental chairs and the dean of the graduate school who were excited to learn about their interests and goals.

Jess hay

Need $10,000?

Two annual student research fellowships rotate among 10 UT institutions benefiting both an academic and health science center institution each year. This year is our year!


Monkey See, Monkey Do!

An English nature photographer is going ape over Wikipedia's refusal to remove pictures of a monkey from the online encyclopedia that he says are being displayed without his permission.

Kelly reveles

Congrats Dr. Kelly Reveles

Dr. Kelly Reveles successfully, and convincingly, defended her dissertation on July 30th. The title of her thesis was “Pharmacoepidemiology and health outcomes in Clostridium difficile infections”. What makes this even more exciting, is that she is the inaugural graduate of our joint Translational PhD Program. Her mentor, Dr. Christopher Frei comments on Dr. Reveles, Dr. Lichtenstein (Director of the Translational Science PhD Program) comments on the significance to the program, and, of course, we asked Dr. Reveles to answer the three questions.

Hayhurst photo  small

A Faculty’s Take On EBOLA

News coverage has been fairly extensive and it is now nice to see some more in depth commentaries as to why this particular Ebola virus outbreak has become so large. These war-torn areas have suffered severe neglect in terms of healthcare expenditure, education and infrastructure for many decades such that a transmissible lethal disease can take a real foothold in a human population. It’s also come as quite a surprise that Ebola has emerged so vigorously in this part of Africa since the last incidence in ‘94/’95 involved 2 non-fatal cases of a different species of Ebolavirus (Ivory Coast or Taï Forest ebolavirus).

Commons blog

Scientist-To-Scientist Interactions

Today’s scientists find it tough to keep up with all of the latest journal articles, innovative methods, and interesting projects of colleagues in their fields. That’s understandable, because there are tens of thousands of journals, hundreds of conferences in major fields, dozens of emerging technologies, and huge geographic distances separating researchers who may share common interests. But science is increasingly a team sport—and it’s important to provide scientists with as many avenues as possible through which to interact, including commenting on each other’s work.

Cell phone

SPS, or Slow Phone Syndrome

Believe your iPhone 4 seems slower when the iPhone 5 came out. You are not alone. One of Professor Mullainathan’s grad students at Harvard used big data to address this issue. Read on.

Group photo from graduation

Alumni Updates

Keep us informed of where you are by sending your information to the NEW GSBS Alumni email address at!


A journey into science that spans continents and generations.

We are very excited to bring you a spotlight on one of our outstanding Biomedical Engineering students, Milos Marinkovic. Milos speaks passionately about his journey into science stating, “My path into the field of science spans across three generations, two continents and the worst conflict in Europe since WWII.”

Postdoc research forum logo v4 edited-1

An UPcoming Postdoc Exhibition

Everything is BIG in Texas! I didn’t believe how true this saying was until I moved here a year ago. San Antonio has a vast amount of training opportunities and interesting research—a lot of which is carried out by a thriving community of postdoctoral research fellows. This September marks the 2nd Annual San Antonio Postdoctoral Research Forum and if you’re a postdoc we WANT to hear what YOU do! Ever wondered "How Scientists Can Change the World?" Come find out at an exciting lecture by Dr. Frances Colón, Deputy Science & Technology Advisor to the Secretary of State. This event will feature travel prizes for best poster presenters and a food & wine networking reception, you don’t want to miss out! Everyone is invited to attend.