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Sex in science

Sex in Science

OK, I got your attention. But it is not what you think. It appears that NIH will soon be implementing policies to ensure that preclinical research, even in cells, includes plans to specifically examine differences between males and females. We asked one of our investigators with specific interests in endocrinology, Dr. James Nelson, for his thoughts. And he answered!

Dr. lagrange

The life of an educator, as told by two Graduate School Alumni and Career Advisory Council members

Drs. LaGrange and Stout both graduated from our Health Science Center, LaGrange from the Department of Physiology (Dr. Vernon S. Bishop) and Stout from Pharmacology, laboratory of Dr. Bill Clarke, and are now touching the lives of students through their teaching. It is because of their strong passion for science and excellent training in research that they can continue to inspire students to follow their dreams.


NIH:  Rethinking Career Development

Graduate students sometimes recognize a need to utilize the skills developed during the process of their doctoral training to craft new careers that are vastly different from their mentors. How does a student identify mentors to assist them in navigating such careers and should a graduate school provide such opportunities??

Kimberly ray

Three questions for Dr. Kimberly Ray

Dr. Kimberly Ray just defended her dissertation in Radiological Sciences where she studied network activity in the brain when at rest. We asked Dr. Ray three questions, one about her science, one about the next step in her career, and one about advice for fellow students.

All about the pubs

It’s All About The Pubs!

Are you interested in becoming a Principal Investigator? Do you want to know your chances of success? A recent study has developed a model that can predict the likelihood you will become a PI. Dare to give it a try?


SACNAS Chapter:  Building a Community

Often in science, we ask, “What is a gap that needs to be addressed, and how can I fill it once I recognize it?” One enterprising UTHSCSA graduate student did just that when she realized that there were no Hispanic student organizations that encompassed all the UTHSCSA programs.

Group photo from graduation

Congrats to our Alumni!

The best reward for our university faculty and staff is watching the success of our graduates. Congrats to these individuals!

Dr. frantz

From Academia to Industry and Back Again. . .

Currently Dr. Doug Frantz is a faculty member at UTSA but his journey has not been traditional. Dr. Frantz cultivated his research talents as a graduate student at Texas A&M followed by a post doctoral fellowship in Zurich, Switzerland. He then transitioned into a highly competitive position at Merck & Co. before returning to academia. In this way Dr. Frantz provides unique insights into preparing for a career in the ever changing scientific landscape.

Matthew reilly

Blast Causes Eye Damage, Even Without Shrapnel

Biomedical Engineers from UTSA, UTHSCSA, and AISR find significant eye damage following exposure to survivable levels of primary blast. This is the first report of its kind and will lead to improved prevention, diagnostics, and treatment for eye injuries.

Stem cell article

An exciting new method to induce pluripotent stem cells…..NOT!

Fierce competition can sometimes promote sloppy, and even fabricated results. Such is the case in the field of stem cells, which has just been associated with the retraction of two “hot” papers in Nature.

Randy goldsmith, phd

Building Bridges from Academia to Industry

“I am building biotech companies in the same way that I build homes, starting with a strong foundation and from the bottom up.” This is how Dr. Goldsmith described his process of working with entrepreneurs on a daily bases. Which, stems from his early experiences as a member of his family owned contracting company. In a recent interview, he shared insights on moving an idea from academia to industry, as well as what he feels it takes to be a leader, entrepreneur and mentor.

Group pic

Who Is Training Our Future Biomedical Scientists?

Walking the grounds at the UT Health Science Center this summer are 63 high school students from school districts across San Antonio and the surrounding area from the Voelcker Biomedical Research Academy. The three year Voelcker Academy, now in its’ 6th year and funded by the Max and Minnie Tomerlin Voelcker Fund, has graduated 60 Voelcker alumni. This biomedical research education and college preparatory program holds great promise to train the next generation of biomedical scientists for San Antonio.

Teresas picture

Great News for Students and Postdocs

Most of you know Dr. Teresa Evans, a recent graduate of the IMGP, for her involvement in programs around campus directed at the development of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. I am pleased to announce she will be continuing these efforts, but in a more “formal” role.

Mikiten distinguished lecture

Largest GSA Event To Date

"Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in." ~Author Unknown

Mole rat

The Naked Mole-Rat: Beauty in the Beast

The long-lived naked mole-rat is largely free of cardiovascular aging for three quarters of its lifespan! Kelly Grimes, a graduate student in the laboratory of Dr. Rochelle Buffenstein at the Barshop Institute, is taking her findings further and asking what the naked mole-rat is doing to attenuate age-related cardiovascular declines. To date, Kelly has published two articles that begin to answer these important questions.


If it walks like a duck…

Recent work on the pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s Disease is shedding new light on an old, and surprisingly ignored, finding. There is an important lesson here in research and the dangers of scientific bias.

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Did you know that the GSBS Facebook page has had a “Face Lift?” Pictures from a host of events last month are posted including a fantastic commencement dinner, 2014 commencement ceremony, Five Palms Elementary School Outreach event, and THE record setting 6th Annual Terry M. Mikiten Graduate Student Research Forum and Distinguished Lecture including winners so check it out.